What does “Ma Salama” actually mean?

Why do people say it all the time? For anyone who has ever lived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or someone who has even visited the Kingdom, it is not uncommon to hear the phrase, Ma Salama. 

You might have wondered what this commonly used phrase means and why people use it all the time, well if you haven’t figured it out yet, keep on reading below.

The stay in the Kingdom for the expatriates is usually not that long. Hence people bond extremely fast in the Kingdom, and even though some of the expatriates may leave soon after meeting someone or creating a bond with someone, they will always share this bond with them wherever they go.

The bond is usually made since all these people from all around the world are residing in the Kingdom away from their hometown, their families, and their friends.

2027 What does “Ma Salama” actually mean

The Kingdom has made me a different person: When people leave the Kingdom to go back to their native country, often they do not enjoy reminiscing about their time back in the Kingdom. People have stated that their stay in the Kingdom has made them a different person in comparison to when they initially moved to the Kingdom.

People do want to describe their experiences to others, however, those people who have never experienced the culture and traditions of the Middle Eastern Region, will not understand the experiences that people have over there.

This is particularly more so if you describe the experiences of a woman, or if the expatriate living in the Kingdom was a woman. Friendships made in the Kingdom usually last for a long time.

Even after time passes by, expatriate friends from Saudi Arabia can always reminisce about their time spent in the Kingdom and remember some of the funny incidents which could have only happened in Saudi Arabia.

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The phrase Ma Salama is most probably the second most frequently used Arabic Phrase, the first being Asslam O Alaikum. Expatriates and Saudis alike keep saying it all the time.

Ma Salama is an Arabic phrase which means goodbye. For those people who are living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it is not uncommon to meet several new people over the course of time and of course, everybody that you meet, you have to say goodbye to them sooner or, or they might have to say it to you.

People in the Kingdom use the phrase when they have to leave for work, when they are going on vacation and even when they are leaving to go to the grocery store. Now it may not be hard to truly understand the phrase, Ma Salama.

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Ma Salama Party: In the Kingdom around every weekend has a Ma Salama Party or known as a farewell party, which is usually hosted before sending someone off to another destination.

There are also numerous Ma Salama sales going on which usually occur with the change of seasons. I hope now you understand the essence of the phrase Ma Salama.