How I removed my Huroob Status with the help of Court – Experience

What is Huroob?

Huroob is set by a sponsor to his employee who is an absconder. Simply, it means that the expatriate employee has run away from their employee or company and the sponsor does not know about his current location.

When one expatriate is put on the Huroob list, it means that the sponsor has reported to Jawazat regarding the expatriate, and now the sponsor and the expatriate have no relation, and thus the sponsor is not responsible for their actions.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when an expatriate gets the Huroob status, it is almost impossible to have it removed. However, we have shared the experience of a Pakistani expatriate who removed his Huroob status with the help of the court.

The experience of a Pakistani expatriate

This post has been derived from one actual successful attempt at the removal of the Huroob status of an expatriate. One Pakistani man took the matter of his Huroob status to the Supreme Court of Pakistan and to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, after which the Supreme Court contacted the Pakistani Embassy in Riyadh and subsequently briefed them on the issue.

The Embassy then took up the matter to be solved and contacted the Pakistani expatriate to learn more about the case in hand and the entirety of the situation. Subsequently, they provided a document which was against his Huroob status.

The expatriate then visited the Amara office and Police station and filed his report. Subsequently, the report was then submitted to the Maktab Al Amal. After the investigation had been thoroughly completed they contacted the Kafeel and informed him to pay the dues to the Pakistani expatriate and to also return his passport.

Next up they provided a document for the expatriate in which his Huroob status had been canceled. If there are any other readers who may know an alternate route for this, please share.