Secrets behind the success of Indians all over the world

When was the last time you heard any bad news about the large Indian community living in the United States? When was the last time you heard any bad news about the Indians living in Saudi Arabia?

Other than the close-knit, culturally shocking contrast to the American society we might see and experience in a Bollywood movie, hardly any news comes out about this fast-growing ethnic group, so although you may not be able to recall having heard anything recently but the Indian community is quickly becoming one of the richest and influential ethnicities in the U.S.[irp]

The stereotypical image of the poor Indian man working menial jobs to support his poor family is, in fact, the complete opposite for most Indians living in the United States. Their annual income is estimated to be $88,000 per household with most of them either business owners or working in science and technology fields.

American Indians and Indian immigrants to America have now stepped into politics as well, with two state governors originating from the United States, Indian community and one candidate of Indian descent running for the California Senate seat next year.

This is a testament to their influence and growth as the Indian community does not have deep community roots in the Irish or Hispanic communities.  With most the Indian community being new immigrants to the United States, one is forced to wonder about the secret to their success.

A closer look shows that a huge percentage of new Indian immigrants are highly educated with specialization in their fields. This makes them ripe for picking by top employers, which clears the way for residency and later citizenship allowing Indian immigrants to gain a leg up in the American society which is completely alien to them.

The Indian government may have many problems if the recent news reports out of the country are to be believed, but education is clearly not one of them. Although many countries provide free (or next to free) public education but the education system in India seems to be working as they continue to churn out graduates who are extremely competent and hirable in the overseas market.

According to a recent estimate, more than 40,000 Indian immigrants (not to be confused with American citizens of Indian descent) are working as doctors in the United States. The moral of this success story is that to overcome any social or economic handicap or to generally succeed in life, education is the key.

The success story of a people who were under occupation for hundreds of years and only gained independence less than 7 decades ago should be an inspiration to us all. It is clear with the success of the Indian immigrants in America that with quality education and hard work it is possible to rise very quickly to the top and to advance the society along with the individuals.

Although it should be kept in mind that it is not only up to the individual but society and the global community to provide opportunities for growth.