10 Unknown Facts about Jeddah’s new Airport

1-One of the largest airports in the world: The authority of civil aviation intended to build a new airport due to increasing number of air traffic and connecting flights to major parts of the world from Saudi Arabia situated between Makkah and Jeddah because of its strategic location.

2-The King Abdul Aziz international airport is one of the largest hubs in the world as it’s covering an area of about 670,000 square meters’ equivalent to 7,000 football pitches. It will be country’s busiest airport.

3-The airport with world-class facilities connects west and east. Several tourism companies also want to invest in the new project by opening small cafes and restaurants.

The Saudi staff is required here. This airport has created employment for thousands of Saudis. This remarkable project has inspired many companies in travel and tourism sector.

4-Construction in three phases:  The airport is established in three phases. The first phase is supposed to be done by 2016 which has a capacity to accommodate 30 million passengers per annum; the capacity has increased to 45 million in the second phase and reached up to 80 million in the final phase. The total cost of the first phase is 27 billion SAR.

The new expansion will handle the airport’s capacity for 80 million passengers per annum by 2020. The airport received its first flight on 29th of May 2018.

5-Facilities at the Airport: The airport has hotels, 46 contact gates, 94 boarding bridges, including double-deck A380 access, 200 check-in counters along with 80 self-service counters, restaurants, a mosque to accommodate 3,000 worshippers, cafes, duty free shops as shopping is a day and night activity which gives travelers a flavor of cultural uniqueness of Saudi Arabia.

It is one of the luxurious airports designed aesthetically that attract the attention of passengers.

6-This airport has segregation for the domestic and international passenger as it provides separate terminals.  Apart from this project, the Kingdom is also undergoing the expansion of the airports of Yanbu, Madina, and Jazan.

Prince Mishal, Governor of Jeddah emphasize on other projects too like transporting project (metro) which is intended to lower the overcrowding of traffic.

7-This project has hired around 26,000 engineers and workers from 100 companies who graduated from Saudi universities. It played an important role in developing skills of fresh Saudi graduates.

8-Largest control tower: The airport contains 136-meter high air traffic control tower making it one of the tallest towers in the world and a road tunnel beneath the runway. In addition, it includes Hajj terminal.

Royal terminal, civil aviation terminal, cargo terminal and incorporates three parallel runways and necessary support facilities.

9-The airport has a peculiarity of sophisticated baggage handling system with 60km of belts, 40km linear lighting, 150 escalators, and 3,100 tons of steelwork. There is also an aircraft parking space around the terminal complex to occupy 28 aircraft.

10-Indoor garden: It has 200,000 sqm of the indoor garden to provide people stress-free and peaceful environment, people who are on their transit can enjoy the beauty of nature without getting exhausted and tired from the travel.

When travelers sit under the cool breeze, a state of deep relaxation and healing is induced.

Operations at King Abdul Aziz International Airport will be introduced in 4 stages.

  1. May – July 2018: Small Number of domestic flights through 6 gates
  2. July – Sept 2018: Increase in number of domestic flights
  3. Nov – Dec 2018: All domestic flights to be accommodated 
  4. Jan – March 2019: Airport will be fully operational with domestic and international flights managed through its 46 gates.

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