Tips for Passing Saudi Driving License in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a huge and undoubtedly magnificent country, with its own unique and excellent road systems and infrastructure; naturally, to get to any point or place, one requires a mode of transportation, which in most cases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an automobile.

It is common knowledge that one requires a valid, certified driving license (international or from the respective country) for them to be legally allowed to drive a car on the roads. [irp]

Like most of us know, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is host to one of the largest expat working force in the world. Naturally, a big chunk of that expatriate population has a native tongue of Urdu.

We also understand how hard it can be when you are getting accustomed to a place on a personal level however you still have to do all this paperwork and procedures, hence below we show you the entire process for an Urdu speaking to attain a driving license in the Kingdom.

To attain a driving license in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one must pass the driving test. The test for the driving license is a 2-part examination which consists of;

COMPUTER TEST: The computer test for Saudi Driving License makes up for one-half of the driving license test, however, this is the comparatively easier stage as most applicants apparently flunk out in the second half of the test.

The following steps must be taken during the computer test to ensure that you can easily attempt the test; Firstly, you should select the language which is spoken in your native country, which in the case of Pakistani’s is Urdu.

The total time allotted for the computer test is half an hour in which candidates are required to answer 16 questions out of the total correctly.

It is very important that those candidates who get stuck on one question, to move on to the next one and candidates should not spend more than a minute in answering and pondering over one question. 

ROAD TEST: The road test is said to be the hardest part of the test. The test has been developed to test the candidate’s skills in driving. Candidates are tested on the application of road safety and traffic laws and regulations and it also measures the safety of your driving.

While the computer test features tests of the candidate’s technical knowledge and the basics of driving, the road test is the actual practical exam; additionally, a highway component is also included in the road test.

For individuals with no prior driving experience, driving classes offer one complete month of training, while other more experienced in this field only have to take up to 2 weeks in training for them to easily clear the driving test in Saudi Arabia with ease.

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