Top 6 English Learning Institutes in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The English language has quickly become a necessity rather than an added advantage in Saudi Arabia today. The English Language and the skill of knowing how to use it efficiently, in most cases, is what makes the difference between growths in professional lives.  All around the world, there is an increasing need to learn and master the English Language, especially in countries, where English is not the primary or main language. One such country is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since English has become the most prominent universal language, which can come in handy in every corner of the earth, there are several language training centers or institutes which have opened across the Kingdom in most of the big cities over the past decade.

Since English lessons, especially by an English Instructor is something that can cost you an arm and a leg (for those who do not understand the phrase, it means that the price is high or the thing costs a lot) and most of these tutors or instructors don’t even give verifiable certificates to those who complete the courses, hence it is advisable to take lessons through institutes located around the Kingdom. The following list provides the best and most reliable institutes and sources for those who may want to learn the English Language from scratch or for those who want to add their English language skills.

The British Council: The British Council is in the East Tower, Waly Ahad Centre, Farsi Building on the King Abdullah Street. The women’s center in the British Council is in the west tower of Farsi Centre located on the King Abdullah Street. PHONE NUMBER: +966 (2) 657 6200 WEBSITE:[irp]

The Oxford English Academy:  The Oxford English Academy is located at the Obeikan Center located on Amir Sultan Street. The English Academy has separate units for men and women. WEBSITE: EMAIL: [email protected] MALE SECTION PHONE NO.: +966 (2) 692 7334 FEMALE SECTION PHONE NO.: +966 (2) 692 6698

BERLITZ: The men’s center for the internationally recognized Berlitz school is located at the Al Rowdah Street, Elegant Home Building. TELEPHONE : +966 (2) 263 1650 The Ladies Center for Berlitz is located on Al Rowdah Street, Costello Center. TELEPHONE: +966 (2) 668 8815 WEBSITE:[irp]

WALL STREET INSTITUTE: The Wall Street Institute is in Rawdah (phone number +966 (2) 664 2131) and in Andalus (Telephone + 966 (2) 652 3200) The Female Center for the Wall Street Institute is also located in Rawdah PHONE NUMBER: +966 (2) 652 3200 WEBSITE:

HORIZON INSTITUTE FOR LANGUAGES: The Horizon Institute for Languages is in the Al Safa District which is opposite the Aziz Mall. TELEPHONE NUMBER: +966 (2) 677 6742, +966 (5) 0731 5280

ENGLISH FIRST: The English First Institute is located on Wali Alahad Street near the Azizia Supermarket. TELEPHONE: +966 (2) 652 2228 WEBSITE:

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