Sri Lankan cleaner returns a bag full of Gold – rewarded by the Saudi Govt.

Generally, house servants or cleaning personnel in any part of the world are the most non-trusted employees. They are often kept under close watch when they are doing their work, and they are often found culprits of household thefts on the small or large scale.[irp]

Sometimes the thefts are minor and other times they are pre-planned robberies. But again, we cannot generalize this category of working class people. Sometimes the household staff is found to be more loyal than someone’s own child; they often take care of their employers until the end of either their own life or their employer’s life.

People often entrust their homes to their household staff and go abroad and when they come back they find the house in its original state. This state of loyalty or disloyalty depends on the nature of that person itself and the teaching of his or her parents.

Such rare case of loyal household cleaning staff came into light in Riyadh where a Sri Lankan expatriate who worked as a cleaner returned a bag full of gold to its owner which he found while cleaning the room.

Such an act of honesty is certainly to be commended and was done by the Prince Salman bin Sultan, president of Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH). He further told the SCTNH’s branch in Najran to thank the owner of the furnished apartment that he helped in returning the bag of gold.

A visitor to Najran stayed in a furnished apartment for a period and when he checked out he forgot his bag of gold in the apartment which the house cleaning boy found, he informed the owner of the house about it who called the owner of the bag, the owner came back from Makkah to take the bag and profusely thanked the cleaning boy and the owner of the apartment.

The Sri Lankan expatriate was awarded a certificate to commend his honesty. If measures are taken to reward the honesty of the honest people, people might begin to get inclined towards such acts of honesty.

Nobody is a thief by profession; people steal because they are forced to by their financial conditions. If the people are given better living conditions and rights, then they might not steal at all. 

Furthermore, SCTNH is organizing tourism festivals in different parts of the kingdom during summer break featuring many events and activities that are being visited by a huge number of people, activities include cultural and folklore, heritage, entertainment and sports events.

These events increase tourism and bring forward the nation as culturally diversified and rich in scenic beauty.

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