King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center Masjid – 11 Interesting Facts

Whenever we think of mosques a great marble domed structure come to our minds. Usually, mosques are made up of marble in most parts of the world with all the traditional symbolism and architecture associated with the mosques. But as the architecture all over the world is getting modernized and innovation is changing the old patterns and designs the architecture associated with mosques is also changing with time keeping its soul and its importance as a praying area and a community center constant. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been on top when it comes to the designing of the mosques, the proof is evident in the innovation, architecture, and functions of the two Holy Mosques situated in the Kingdom.[irp]

1-Contemporary is a new word which is being associated with mosques nowadays. A new mosque is built in King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center in Riyadh which is a fine example of modernization in designing and contemporary architecture. Here we are writing some interesting facts about this mosque.

2-Neither it is built with marble and nor does it contain a dome; this mosque is built with glass.

3-Built by the largest United States-based architecture and engineering firm and second largest interior design firm HOK, this mosque is the spiritual and community center for King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center’s (KAPSARC) residential area.

4-The mosque is designed in such a way that the appearance changes from day to night. During the day, the shadows from the complex mullioned glass fall on the inner stone facade with the help of sunlight. At night, the mosques appear as a lantern full of light at the bottom and speckled with light at the top.

5-The mosque is surrounded by a pool which is illuminated at night creating the illusion that the mosque is levitating over water.

6-The entrance to the mosque is a series of courtyards which have an axial alignment with the Kaaba. The courtyard leads to the flight of floating steps then a short walk on the glass bridge on the reflective pool.

7-The interior is like a kaleidoscope of shapes and shadows created by the artistically situated skylights and the mullioned patterns which act as a technological interpretation of mashrabiya screen walls. Crafted on all four sides the patterns vary with the seasons on the floor of the interior which the ceiling is a pure traditional pattern.

8-Located adjacent to the mosque is 115-foot tall minaret whose design matches the patterns of the mosque’s façade, the minaret used for the calling of five times prayer called Adhan.

9-This iconic mosque won the Religious Art and Architecture Award by Faith and Form. According to Huffington Post, “these Religious architecture award winners evoke the sacred in unconventional ways.”1

10-This mosque is built on the landscape of 10,225 square feet and was featured as the project of the month in the cityscape Magazine.

11-This mosque is a part of a sub scheme of KAPSARC that include ten mosques of the likes of these one and 200 houses residential area with four other utility buildings.

Source: Destination Riyadh

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