What is the best Part Time Job for Expatriates in Saudi Arabia?

English is a very common language and is also said to be very important because many people all over the world converge in this language and consider it as their first language. This can be used as an advantage by people who speak English and know this language well to teach it to Arabic people in Saudi Arabia as many lacks in this language.

Once during shopping at the Mall of Arabia, a lecturer’s wife came and asked my wife to teach her and her daughter for the English Language. She said the reason behind is that she travels abroad quite often and is not so fluent in the English Language.[irp]

Another time, my colleague’s wife asked my wife to teach her for English as well. I personally think this is a great opportunity for people in Saudi Arabia to earn extra money. People fluent in the English Language can start such tutoring services with rates such as SR 70 to SR 100 per hour and per person.

If they teach for at least 2 hours daily, it makes up to SR 140 to SR 200 every day which is a very good amount of earning considering the person willing to learn will be coming home and teaching languages is quite easy compared to proper textbook teachings.

Furthermore, activities can be added as well in these English Language lessons given out by home tutors. Activities such as multimedia presentations on laptops related to English lessons will be fun and helpful for the students.

Moreover, students can be asked to come every day with a specific scenario or story and narrate it in English. This will not only fix their English but also increase their confidence level and interaction skills to be done in English.

Moreover, a fun-filled activity could also be showing English movies to the students. This will make the tuitions more joyful rather than having a routine test and assignment schedule every day.

Watching movies will not only improve your listening skills but also if you watch and listen to them carefully, you will understand how every word is pronounced and that will be very helpful for people who are new to this language.

The easiest way is to watch a movie made for children. Yes, children! You can always pick out a fun Pixar movie. This is because there is an easy level of English used in such movies and no abusive words are heard in these movies.

Go to Incredibles, Toy Story or Monster Inc! They are entertaining yet useful movies. Other than these fun activities, regular assignments and tests should be taken by the tutor.

However, my wife personally rejected both the offer because her visa did not support the idea of her working. So, if you plan to take up this easy job of earning money, please look at your visa and abide by all the rules. Do not start this tutoring illegally as it may get you in trouble. Happy teaching!