How to check if your Iqama is Transferable?

Iqama is basically a residence permit issued to those expatriates or expats who arrive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on an employment visa and this Iqama is valid for about a year or two after which, it has to be renewed again. Many people are interested to know if their Iqama is transferable.

There are several advantages of an Iqama such as receiving a temporary residency card, male applicants can sponsor direct and blood-related family members and lastly, female applicants can also bring their family members to Saudi Arabia on a 6-month visit visa!

What is the meaning of a transferable Iqama?

Let's start from understanding what does transferable iqama actually mean? Well, the meaning of a transferable iqama is that your employer or sponsor has agreed to transfer your sponsorship to another employer in case you want to change your job.

Is it the right of an employee to transfer sponsorship?

Another question which will be arising in your mind is if the transfer of sponsorship is the right of an employee with transferable iqama? I wish I could answer it in a simple yes or no. Yes, it is the right of an employee under certain terms and conditions which we have explained in this article. 

How to check transferable iqama?

To keep it simple, all Iqamas are transferrable. It is just that some of the companies and organizations do not prefer giving out the release to employees who want to change their jobs.

If they do not agree, they have all the rights to send you back to your country legally and no one can stop them from that. We have covered this issue in full detail in this link – Legal Right to Transfer the Sponsorship from Employer.

Some Iqama professions are not transferable at all

Moreover, please remember that in some professions, the transfer of Iqama is not possible at all, for example, farmers cannot get their Iqama transferred.

Lastly, discuss this courteously with your HR manager or main sponsor before asking for a transfer. If you have a good relationship with the higher management of the company, you can easily transfer your sponsorship. Good luck!