Jeddah Ballet and Dance Academy – where girls have fun

Ballet is a famous activity among young girls as it is fun and a good leisure time. Jeddah Ballet Academy was a dream of Mary Hoover. She is a woman who always dreamt of a place that would provide fun and something out of the box for young girls.

Speaking is the most common way of expression so Mary dreamt of young girls having to express themselves through something innovative and through something that is fun yet unique at the same time.[irp]

This way of expression could either be any form of art or something related designing or maybe even cooking. This plan of Mary soon took place and the Jeddah Ballet Academy was built.

The Jeddah Ballet Academy comprises of three different departments that are Ballet and Dance, Arts and Craft and The Shop. The Jeddah Ballet Academy offers a well-built and well-maintained ballet studio for their young customers.

The ballet instructors have experience in ballet dancing so mothers do not have to worry about their young girls learning ballet in a wrong manner. This amazing studio offers classical ballet, Irish tap, classical tap and hip-hop dance classes as well.

This studio gives out barre classes to adults as well so mothers can also take part in this along with their daughters to spend some quality time. The instructors hold major degrees in ballet so they are professional and have ample of experience to give out to the young girls.

The second department is Arts and Craft which offers a fun yet unique activities for young girls. After enjoying a short break with delicious and extremely healthy lunch by the girls, it is then time for the Arts and Craft class. In this class, girls are taught lessons on how to cook tasty food items, sew something of their choice, draw and paint and finally, design jewelry.

Jewelry design is an innovative activity offered by the Jeddah Ballet Academy because most places do not offer this and this allows the little girls to put their creativity and use it in the best possible way. They can design it as per their choice of colors, style or design and think out of the box and design something fun.

Each class has something fun and different than before, planned for the girls. The third department that is The Shop is a store inside JBA which sells high quality yet not so expensive ballet clothing for girls. This includes tap shoes, ballet shoes, tutus, tops, fun hair accessories, cute tights and ballet bags for girls in a huge variety of color and style.

This is a great initiative taken by Mary Hoover for young girls to not spend their free time at home doing absolutely and getting bored. An idle mind is said to be the devil’s workshop hence it is always better for young kids to engage in activities that let them use their creativity to the extent and that can help them do something fruitful rather than being bored!

Source: Destination Jeddah

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