8 things to consider before making decision to study abroad

Going abroad to study? You must be so excited! But more than excited, some people might be nervous. Staying miles away from home and family is not so easy for everyone but it is worth it! There are thousands of Saudi students studying abroad and if you are planning to go to look at these important 8 points!

1-Course selection: Most students select a specific course because they think it sounds fun or is something their parents always wanted them to do! Please do NOT do that. Select a course that suits you best and that you think has potential in the future.[irp]

2-Language skills: Before going to a specific country, make sure you know well the language of that country so there are no communication barriers caused. Countries like Turkey and Germany require students to learn a language course first so that there is no trouble caused for students who only know English or Arabic.

3-Big or Small: Decide whether you want to join a college or a proper university! Most students do both that is two years of college and two years of university to distribute the hard work and going to college first helps them be prepared for university then.

4-Housing: Before leaving for your study trip abroad, make sure you decide at first whether you want to stay at your college or university’s dorm or with your relatives! Both have their pros and cons. 

Staying at the dorm will make you independent and give a whole student life experience whereas staying with relatives will give you that family feeling with homemade food however just be sure you are not a burden on your relatives and if you live with them, be as big of a helping hand as you can be.

5-Weather: Different countries have different weathers. You might be too addicted to the sun or too obsessed with snow. Whichever it is, plan your trip accordingly. If you want the sun and you are planning to study in a country that snows 24/7, there are chances you will end up getting depressed and sick that place and might not be able to study as efficiently as you should.

Students going from Saudi are usually prone to the sun and hot weather so they might not go to cold countries like Canada etc.

6-Missing home? No issue! If you have moved to a new country and are missing your family like crazy, go out and make new friends!

You will have to adjust abroad. Nothing beats the feeling of making new friends and exploring their culture and lifestyle. You can also go to the mall or movies on weekends!

7-Keeping in touch: Before moving, try different calling and video calling apps on your phone to see which ones the best to keep in touch with your family back home in as fewer costs involved as possible.

8-Be who you are: No matter what country you move to, never forget your culture, your lifestyle and most importantly your religious values. Never do something or indulge in activities that you think you might regret in future or something that is against your values. Be honest with yourself and you’re good to go!

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