11 Unknown Facts about the King Abdullah International Stadium

The King Abdullah International Stadium is no new attraction for Saudis. It is a very famous multipurpose stadium. More than being a sports spot, it is much more famous for adding beauty to the skyline of Jeddah and has been constructed with detail and brilliance. It is said to be an epitome of honor for the people of Jeddah, however, there are few things you might not know about it so read on below![irp]

2nd Largest: The King Abdullah Stadium is the second largest stadium in Saudi Arabia and has a huge area for an audience of 62,241 people. Besides being the second largest stadium, it is also the 10th largest stadium in the Arabic World which is quite an achievement and source of pride for the people of Jeddah.

High Costs: This stadium is said to be one of the most expensive and high costs stadium in the entire Arab World. The cost of this stadium is $560 million.

Adhering to Jeddah’s weather: Since the weather is mostly extremely hot and humid in Jeddah, the stadium has been designed according to that by having ventilation possible and have covered the stadium enough for people to enjoy and not get disturbed by the weather.

Nickname: Yes, you got that right! This stadium has a nickname that is ‘Jewel’. It was named Jewel due to its round gold shimmering exterior which makes it look like a jewel on a land.

Partitions: The King Abdullah Sports City is not only a stadium for football but has grounds for other sports too like four football fields, six tennis courts and one indoor stadium which is massive!

Construction: The King Abdullah Stadium has been constructed in just 14 months with a total labor of 8000 working day and night effortlessly, to complete the construction in the given time.

High Standards: King Abdullah Stadium’s football field is equivalent to the field created for FIFA in Europe, in terms of the pitch design and exteriors.

Arabian Architecture: The mashrabiya screens built on the stadium are enhanced by braces and frames that are the typical example of Arabic designs which make the stadium look beautiful and attractive to the eye.

Athletics Track: This stadium has absolutely no athletic track! This might be a shock to few people as most stadiums have an athletic track, however, this has only been done on purpose so that the audience can sit much closer to the field and not far away.

Beautiful Exterior: The front of the stadium looks like the beautiful beach sand which looks much more elegant in day time due to the sun shimmering on it. At night time, the entire stadium shimmers beautifully and it is so bright that it can be seen from a long distance as well, which is very pleasing to the eye.

Opening Match: As the opening of the stadium, a match had taken place which was attended by 84,115 people! That is huge and is the most attended football game in the history of Saudi Arabia.

Source: Destination Jeddah

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