12 Horrible Things happen to your body when you don’t get enough sleep

Are early birds who sleep well at night equally efficient as those who stay awake till late night? Those who compromise their precious sleeping hours, either staring at the screens of their cell phones, studying overnight, working on night shift jobs etc., have to drag themselves out of the bed in the morning and they usually spend their day half-asleep-half-awake.

Do you ever wonder which category you fall in? Normal sleeping time ranges up to eight hours per night but our generation hardly gets up to six hours sleep per night, not realizing the importance of quality sleep. Today we shall be discussing the 12 horrible things which happen to your body when you don’t get enough sleep.[irp]

1-Hormonal Imbalance: Hormones of our body are closely linked to the amount of sleep we get. Prolonged sleep disturbances can lead to hormonal imbalance which affects the whole body. It causes us to gain weight by increasing our appetite. It also depresses the sex drive owing to the reduced production of testosterone, an important sex hormone.

2-Diabetes: Keeping the body awake forcefully at night messes our natural metabolism. Accordingly, studies have found an association between regular sleep loss and insulin resistance; leading to non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

3-Irritating: Lack of sleep also makes the person irritable and distracted, leaving him unable to concentrate. It also intensifies the symptoms of eye fatigue and tunnel vision which can be very annoying.

4-High Blood Pressure: Moreover, research has shown that the arterial blood pressure of sleep-deprived people can be very high as compared to others. High blood pressure for prolonged periods may contribute to heart disease and in severe cases may lead to death.

5-Chances of Errors and Accidents: Other effects include slow decision-making and distractedness while reading, listening and driving and it may even cause accidents. Chances of errors are increased up to 30 % when a person is in a state of somnolence.

6-Low Immunity: One of the most detrimental effects is that it adversely affects our body’s defensive mechanisms and thus makes us more vulnerable to catching infections and colds. It also increases the risk of developing certain kinds of cancers especially breast and colon cancer.

7-Effect on Antibodies: Moreover, it reduces the effectiveness of vaccination, as our body cannot efficiently make antibodies against the injected organism or toxin.

8-Urination Problem: Normally, the body produces less urine during the night when we are asleep, as compared to day time. However, if one not getting enough sleep, the body produces more urine which can cause nocturia i.e. excessive urination at night.

9-Genetic Problems: Surprisingly, our sleep habits affect us till the genetic level. Some genes follow circadian rhythms and their activity is highly depressed by the lack of sleep.

10-Mood Swings: Another study suggests that mood of a person is linked to the pattern of sleep. Having better sleep makes a person happy and sleeplessness invites depression and anxiety.

11-Memorizing Problems: Memory problems are also a result of sleep deprivation as it causes structural changes in the brain. It weakens memory and may cause Alzheimer.

12-Efficiency Problem: Thus, the overall efficiency of the body is highly linked to the amount sleep a person gets. Having to drag the body out of bed and being the drowsy whole day, taking yawns are the most common and direct result of sleep deprivation which can reduce one’s overall efficiency.

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