An Expatriate died in Saudi Arabia minutes before embracing Islam

While making the efforts to spread Islam among non-Muslims, it is insufficient to just highlight the positive nature of Islam to convince them, as most Non-Muslims have a lot of misconceptions about Islam on the back of their minds, which need to be answered.

This Islamophobia which dwells in many nations is fueled by the western media which falsely depicts Muslims to be the most violent people. I have realized that their concerns can be clarified by logical answers presented regarding Quran and Hadith.[irp]

Thus, Islamic knowledge is the most vital key for the propagation of Islam to clear the misperceptions about it. While many people consider Islam to be a violent and backward religion, owing to their lack of knowledge, many others find the Islamic teachings to be incompatible with the modern world and consider them nearly impractical to be followed.

However, if there is adequate knowledge, people of all countries and faiths will come to know what is Islam is, and ‘IS NOT’.  Despite the misconception about this religion, a vast majority of people is still converting to Islam and many Non-Muslims who have been guided correctly towards its essence often seem to embrace Islam. 

The fact the Islam is embraced by so many people across the globe can be linked to the efforts being made by the Muslim preachers. They are not only spreading the Islam’s message of peace to non-Muslims but also bringing the non-practicing Muslims back to the fundamental practices of Islam.

After understanding what this religion is all about, many people and especially the expats living in Muslim countries end up accepting Islam, as they gradually develop a sense of Islamic commands beings followed by the Muslims.

A Saudi Muslim preacher, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein, visited the city of Domat Al-Jandal in the North Western Saudi Arabia follow up with the Filipino community that had converted to Islam. He also spoke to the non-Muslim community and explained to them the fundamental beliefs & virtues of the religion and invited them to Islam.

This session ended up with three people expressing their decision to embrace Islam. They were advised by the preacher to declare their reversion to Islam on Friday morning. 

On Friday morning, the preacher expressed his deepest condolences after coming to know about the death of a Filipino expatriate who had decided to convert to Islam.  Unfortunately, he could not make it to his declaration of embracing Islam and died hours before the official proclamation of embracing Islam, while playing volleyball with his friends, as reported by Akhbaar24.

I think every Muslim should take at least one lesson from this news. If you find a non-Muslim who wants to convert to Islam, ask him to repeat Shahada with you. Do not wait for the arrival of some Sheikh. You never know about the time of the death of anyone.

The non-Muslims who are guided by Allah to accept the religion may find it difficult to carry out some of the Islamic commands in the beginning, but soon realize that Islam does not oblige us to do something that we cannot do and all the commands are compatible even with the current times.

By making the knowledge available to all nations, we can have so many people appreciate the beauty of real Islam.

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