Top 10 Eid Attractions for Saudi Residents in London

London is one of the prime metropolitan cities in the world, and like all other fine metropolitan cities in the world, you can find Arabs there, sometimes in large volumes. Well, it is no hidden fact that the Arab people have exquisite and rich tastes and London is both. If you are in London during the time of Eid, here are the best things you can do;[irp]

Visit the Eid Festival held at Trafalgar Square: Every year thousands of people descend upon Trafalgar square for the Eid Festival which is held here annually. The festival has now completed 10 years and does not have any entry ticket. The festival starts at noon and ends at 6 pm.

London Central Mosque: The mosque which is located on the border of the Regents Park hosts thousands of Muslims on Eid day. There is a total of 5 Eid prayers held every hour from 8 am until 12 noon.

Muslim History Tours: London city has many Muslim and Arab connections and a tour operator have brought out an Eid special for those who wish to see the sights. Two Eid tours depart from Temple underground station and parliament square.

Eid in the Park: You can go to the Eid in the Park event which is held iRed bridge. The event takes place at the Valentines Park located in Ilford and this Eid will make it 7 years running for this event.

Eid Day and Family Fun: For those wanting a smaller and a community-based event then you can head on over to Harrow in the northwest of London to the Nower Hill High School. The School is hosting an Eid event filled with women’s beauty area, bake sales and many games for the kids

Dishoom: Dishoom is the chain of eateries in London which has been inspired by Old Iranian cafes. The eatery is hosting their Eid celebrations at The Crossing, which is located next to the King’s Cross Branch.

Edgware Road: Edgware Road is also sometimes called Little Arabia, which promises to be lively with hustle bustle especially during Eid time. The Lebanese restaurants and the numerous shisha bars located on the road are usually open until late, some ever 24 hours.

Dar Marrakesh: Another must try location on Edgware Road is Dar Marrakesh. The Cafe will be open late on Eid days and will be having celebrations.

Shopping: Arab visitors to London are known for shopping heavily, especially during Eid. The Westfield shopping center, for instance, saw an average spending per Arab at 714 Great Britain Pounds.

Car Spotting: If you are a car enthusiast you can go car spotting and get to see some of the most exotic supercars some of which are owned by Arabs. A $1.7 million Black and Gold Bugatti Veyron was also spotted in London recently. Try the Area near Harrods for the best of the best.