Engineers will have to pass an SCE Test to get Iqama in Saudi Arabia

SCE Test: A recent news report has stated that all the Saudi, as well as Expatriate Engineers, will need to undergo a series of tests before they can attain their licenses and work permits in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The statement was made by Talal Samarqandi, the head of the engineering offices at JCCI or Jeddah Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Engineers with Fake Degrees: In an earlier announcement, the SCE or the Saudi Council of Engineers had announced that they have discovered around 1200 fake or fraudulent engineers, who had even worked on various projects over the past few years in the Kingdom.

All the expats or foreigners who had entered the Kingdom on an engineer’s visa, but were not engineers themselves had the visa changed. Samarqandi also added that they aim to ensure that every individual working in the engineering industry was genuine engineers and not frauds.

Samarqandi went on to add that around 200,000 engineers are currently working on various projects in the Kingdom and out of those 1200 had submitted fake or fraudulent certificates.

All the real engineers are accredited and the new system has been developed to differentiate the real engineers from the fake ones.

National Center for Assessment: Samarqandi added that all the engineers who wish to work in the Kingdom will be, under any circumstances, having to undergo and pass a series of technical tests.

A deal has also been made with the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education (QIYAS) to help with the facilitation of the technical certification tests.

Test Structure: In total, there are 2 tests, the first one is based on the basics and principles of engineering for the recent fresh graduates, whereas the second exam has been developed for those engineers who have completed at least 10 years of service for them to qualify for the post of the project director.

Samarqandi added some more news for the fresh graduates. He has stated that the fresh graduates will have to give an exam every year to ensure that their license to work remains and that their career also keeps moving.

Samarqandi stated the Saudi Council of Engineers has been working in a highly professional way and have referred to opening a forum for the male as well as the female engineers working in Jeddah.

Samarqandi appreciated the effort of the council in cutting down the fee for the training course to SAR 1,000 which was earlier SAR 5,000.

Saudi Engineers: He also added that all the Saudi Engineers combined represent around 25 percent of the total engineers who are working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Despite this moderately high number, the Saudi engineers only value up to 4 percent of the members of the Saudi Council of Engineers in which only 7,000 out of 108,000 members were Saudi while the rest were all expats.

Personally, I think the fake engineers should be caught and removed from work to ensure the safety of every one of us. This is the only way we can motivate and encourage Saudi Engineers to come forward and play the role in the progress of their country.

Source: Arab News

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