Top 5 Cheap Holidays Spots to Travel during summer from Saudi Arabia

Several Muslims prefer to take a vacation or a holiday during the Eid Holidays. This year specifically the summer vacations have come right in time with the Eid Holidays. Hence several Muslims have opted to spend the first day of Eid at their home and then head out to different locations to spend their Holidays. Eid season brings with it higher fares as many people are traveling back home to celebrate Eid with their families, hence many Muslims are planning to head out for a low budget or a moderate budget holiday in the Eid Holidays. Below we list down the best places to visit for a budget holiday this summer;

Algeria: Algeria is one of the most beautiful African countries, with a rich cultural heritage. Buying gifts and other goods while using their public transportation services are quite cheap in comparison to other places since the country has gas prices at 1.9 US Dollars per gallon. However, the most expensive things that tourists must hand out the cash is for the accommodation especially if you plan on staying in a five-star hotel. High-class hotels in the area cost up to $ 186 US Dollars per night.[irp]

Sri Lanka: If you plan on traveling to Asia it is recommended to visit Sri Lanka as your first choice. Not only is the food cheap in Sri Lanka, but other essentials such as accommodation, entertainment, and other activities are also quite reasonably priced. Tourists can dwell in nature which fills the island.  Numerous tourist’s companies and private services offer trips to exotic historical locations around the island and those interested in seeing wildlife or even surfing can have their share of fun.

Vietnam: This country is both cheap and beautiful. People can save a lot of money and get an extremely low budget holiday by visiting the country. Tourists can get accommodation, food, and transportation at a minimal cost of 5 GB Pounds per day. Vietnam is a place for those who wish to travel off the beaten path.[irp]

Budapest: If you want to travel to Europe, then there would be no more reasonable choice than Budapest. Even though it may not be as safe as Germany or other places, the food, and the numerous spas are very reasonably priced. Rooms could cost you around 10 GB Pounds, transportation 1 GB Pound and meals could cost around 2 GB Pounds.

Pokhara: Pokhara, located in Neap is one other place that you can spend your holidays on a budget. It is recommended to plan and book your accommodation to get a discount as soon as possible. Tourist season occurs both in summers and winters which cause hotel prices to rise. Transportation is extremely cheap with a taxi ride from the airport to the city center costs only around $3 US Dollars and complete budget meals may cost you around $ 4.87 and breakfast is half that price.

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