Top 10 Most Beautiful (Mosques) Masjids in Jeddah

Masjids are basically places of worship for people who follow the religion, Islam. Not only due to religious reasons, Masjids are the perfect example of Islam’s culture and construction set up. There are a couple of Masjids in Jeddah and so today, we decided to list a few of them down.

From beautiful architecture to complicated and detailed yet beautiful designs, they surely are breathtaking! Have a look at this article and list down your favorite Masjids![irp]

KING SAUD MASJID: Kind Saud Masjid being the biggest Masjid in Jeddah, it extends over to an area of 9700 m2. Inside this, the prayer area is an area of 2464 m2 which is huge! There are several domes constructed in this Masjid but the most massive one has an extent of 20 meters and a tall height of 42 meters!

This Masjid was designed by Abdel Wahed El-Wakil, a very famous Egyptian architect! With days and minutes of sweat and hard work, this Masjid is the most beautiful one and looks lovely in the daytime when its glittered by the light.

KING FAHD MASJID: This Masjid is said to resemble the Masjids made in Morocco due to its Moroccan setup! It is very different from the usual Masjids as it has an open courtyard, sleek minarets, and breathtaking work done on the tiles.

The inner Masjid is furnished with golden interior hence the visitors are truly impressed by this Masjid and its Moorish arches and extremely detailed work.

ENAYA MASJID: This Masjid is situated on the shore of the Red Sea and is truly impressive as ever! It has beautiful calligraphy done along with mosaics in different colors and a shimmering Gold color dome. It has a dome which is one of the Middle East to which a huge chandelier hangs and beautifies the Masjid further.

FLOATING MASJID: This Masjid is situated on the sea and is an example of Jeddah’s strong storm in today’s world. It turquoise dome with windows, crystal chandelier and lots of impressive patterns!

BIN YAMANI MASJID: This Masjid looks beautiful at night time when its domes shine and it is an epitome of the new Islamic architecture. It also has a lovely interior and a beautiful chandelier!

JUFFALI MASJID: This Masjid is situated next to a lake in the older area of Jeddah. This Masjid gives a beautiful contrast to the landscape it is made on. This Masjid has a lot of sections made in terms of prayer halls and has a gorgeous white exterior!

TUJJAR JEDDAH MASJID: Masjid Tujjar has a glittery interior and an attractive exterior with a mosaic dome. Although it has much more but besides it, it still manages to look outstanding and peaceful for the worshippers to worship in.

PRINCE SULTAN MASJID: This Masjid might not seem so attractive at first but after looking carefully you realize how stunning it is! From chandeliers to windows with metal work, its located next to the Prince Sultan’s palace and is gorgeous!

TAYIBAT MASJID: Tayibat is an epitome of history so history lovers would love this Masjid that is made through classic Hijazi elements and detailed latticework on windows and walls, this Masjid is irreplaceable. Recommended: A Visit to Al Tayibat City Museum in Jeddah

SAYIDNA AISHA MASJID: This Masjid is different from the others as its construct modern setup rather than the usual domes. It is extremely pleasing to the eyes and has a crystal glass mimbar inside.

Source: Destination Jeddah