Why did Adolf Hitler Kill 6 million Jews in WW2?

“I destroyed 90% of the Jews and leaving 10% of them for the world to understand why I killed them. (Adolf Hitler).” Many of the people ask this question that why Adolf Hitler killed the Jews and why did the Nazis hate them up to this extent.

Let us extract the answers to these questions from the interviews of Mr. David Cesarani underwritten is the abstract of his interviews done by Laurence Rees. In the 20th century, Nazis were not alone in the hatred of Jews, rather many other hated Jews. The Nazis just had a different approach in the hatred of Jews and different reasons as well.[irp]

There are millennia of conflict between Christianity and Judaism. There also exists an extensive history of the conflicts between non-Jews and Jews based on social and economic relations. The matter of fact is that these economic, social and at times political conflicts had limitations of religious understandings.

Nazis’ hatred is considered extraordinary because it was based on biological and racial grounds. Nazis did not hate the Jews only because of their objections to the Jewish religion, the extraordinary economic influence obtained by Jews or the differences in political and cultural matters. 

The reason of Nazis hatred being so unusual is that the Nazis had a belief that these people (Jews) are different racially and biologically and Jews and all the non-Jews are involved in a continued biological struggle of becoming dominant over all the human beings.

As the hatred was not the result of religious differences, it could not vanish through the debate on religious doctrine. Even if the Jews converted from their religion it would not satisfy the Nazis. They hated both the converted and Orthodox Jews, that’s why this was a struggle for survival between the humans and Jews.

The hatred of other communities was different in approach so the solutions of problems were also different in their view. Those who hated Jews on social, political or religious grounds also realized that Nazis have altogether different solutions for the Jewish problems.

For instance, we take the example of Catholic Church. The representatives of Catholic Church have been much happy with the conversion of Jews. They had a strong belief and it was one of the fundamentals of their religious doctrine that when the Jews across the globe will convert, it will be a holy moment and Christ will return.

So, the Catholics were of the view that when the Jews will convert and become Catholics the problems associated with them will be solved. Therefore, they were not having intentions of killing the Jews. According to Catholic beliefs, human life is sacred.


So, when they realized that murder is the only solution according to the Nazis, many of the Catholics endangered their lives to save the lives of Jews. This is the point that differentiates between the hatred of Nazis and of all others.

Nazis never believed that the lives of Jews were to be saved rather they believed that every Jew, even if it comes to children, is a severe threat to the Germans, their homeland and to all the humanity.

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