5 Bad Habits to watch out after Ramadan

An expert from Jeddah has warned all the Muslims about the five regular bad habits that people tend to indulge into right after the end of Ramadan or even on Eid day.

Dr. Abdul Hafiz Khoujah, who is a social medicine consultant has listed out the five harmful things which people indulge in Eid and how they are harmful to you.

1-Sleep Schedule: Firstly I believe that the most important factor which affects us all during the month of Ramadan is the irregular and unorganized sleep schedule. During the month of Ramadan people sleep as much as possible during the day and stay awake all night, over the course of the month your body adjusts to this timetable.

Finally, on Eid day people are experiencing sleep deprivation as they are used to sleeping during the day. If you think that just sleep deprivation is not harmful, then you should know that it causes migraines and Vertigos in some cases.

There are numerous medicines which can aid in removing the pain, however, nothing works as good as sleep. A disruption in your biological clock sets off a chain reaction which causes a migraine.

Additionally, if you are sleep deprived and driving a vehicle you may feel drowsy and lose control of the car which can cause serious injuries to you and all those around you.

2-Eating Habits: Secondly, people tend to eat to no end during the Eid days, yes people miss eating during the daytime but people take it overboard. Over the course of the month of Ramadan, we change our eating schedule as well, while also reducing our food intake.

This, in turn, causes a loss in weight, however, once we go back to our old ways then we will not only get back what we lost but will also most probably fall ill. The diabetic people must remember to constantly measure and monitor the amount of sugar intake they are doing on Eid day.

Eid is celebrated with a lot of savory and even sweeter desserts, however, diabetic patients must monitor it to ensure that they do not fall ill.

3-Sweet Dishes: Part of what everything above is about, Greed is the third behavior which is harmful to us, children indulge in too many sweet dishes which in turn cause stomach aches, toothaches and a sugar rush which takes forever to wear down.

4-Exercise: Next, we have the lack of exercise. People should remember to work on themselves and not stop exercising just for Ramadan. Many fitness centers open later for Ramadan, giving everyone to exercise after Iftar.

5-Smoking: Finally, we have the smokers. During the month of Ramadan, smokers cannot smoke during the day which basically means that as soon as they get the chance they tend to overindulge in smoking, which is already harmful to the human body.

Additionally, smoking second-hand smoke is harmful to friends, family and anyone else who passes by you. Hence it is better to smoke moderately if you do.

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