Al Rouqi: A Saudi who spent his life-time saving to treat an illegal Bangali

Any person is not alive until he can go up the limits of his personal interests to the broader concern of all humankind. There are still people with a golden heart in this world and the humanity still exists.[irp]

The example of which is a Saudi person who spent all his savings to save the life of his Bengali employee. A Saudi national Abdullah Al Rouqi employed Mahboub Al Alam, a Bangladeshi citizen who came to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj and extended his visit there 7 years ago.

Al Rouqi gave him a job as a watchman for him. The Bengali worker had worked for him as a guard for seven years before he got sick. Alam was diagnosed with brain cancer. Abdullah Al Rouqi was busy in legalizing his Bengali worker status under the amnesty declared by the King.

He was completing procedures for the worker’s legalization, the day when he got approval from Bangladeshi embassy, he got this bad news. The disease was first discovered when Alam was fainted suddenly and then rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

The legal process stayed in between because of Alam illness. Abdullah Al Rouqi has been taking care of his illegal Bengali worker. He had spent all his savings and took loans for the treatment of brain tumor of his employee.

He had taken the marriage loan of 30,000 of Saudi Riyal which he spent on his treatment.  At this point, two operations have been done of Mehboob. The cost of the operations was about SR 80,000 which is paid by the Saudi employer Abdullah.

So far Al-Rouqi has paid 80,000 Saudi Riyal for the medical bills and expenses. He used his entire savings of SR 20,000; he took SR 30,000 from the bank as a loan and the rest of the money he had borrowed from his family and friends.

The Saudi employer now requested for monetary help from the people to save the life of the Bengali man. He hopes that the generous donors will come forward and give the medical bills or expenses of his employee as he himself is not able to afford the cost of hospitalization any longer.

The Bengali worker is still in the process of treatment and he needs to continue it and go through chemotherapy treatment. The chemotherapy is also an expensive procedure. He said that he visited several government departments for help but could not get any reply as the residency status of Alam is still not completed.

Saving a life is saving the whole humanity. That is the reason why Al-Rouqi wants generous donors to come for his help to save the life of his employee and he could be treated in specialist hospital.

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