Saudi Girl suicides for not getting Marriage Permission

It is reported in the Arab News that a Saudi girl whose name was Hanan Al-Shahry, lived in Muhail Asir, committed suicide. The reason for her suicide was that her brother did not give permission to her to marry the person of her choice.

It is stated that after the death of Hanan’s father, her brother along with her uncle had treated her very badly. Her brother also said no to the proposal of a person of her choice regardless of the reality that her uncle was already got a dowry from her fiancé.[irp]

A person who is a close relative of Hanan was giving details about the death of Hanan. He explained that the girl drank the petrol and set herself on fire. She was found on the floor of the kitchen. When she was taken to the hospital, she was alive with some serious burn injuries. She was quickly shifted to the hospital.

But, she surrendered to her injuries later and died. In Asir, the Human Right Commission’s woman department which is very much deeply involved in the case pointed out that they would publish a statement about the case very soon.

The police have been taken Hanan’s brother and his uncle into custody. But later, police released the brother of Hanan Al-Shahri. Hanan was a Saudi woman who set herself in flames and died. The reason of her death was clear when her uncle and brother refused to allow her to marry her fiancé.

When at the same time as the Human Rights Association moved Monday to follow the case of the girl. Al-Shahri's uncle was still in police detention. Police said her uncle will stay in their custody for further inquiry and investigation.

Ali Al-Shaabi the executive head of The Human right commission said that the commission has motivated to follow her case after the publication of reports and is getting ready to publish a press statement about the case, in Asir.

He further added that the organization wants to have a conversation with Hanan's mother but it was not able to talk to the mother of the victim because she went to Bisha city in the Asir area.

The reports published in the Sunday newspaper in which the police did not give any sort of details about the incident of the allegedly mentally unhappy and physically tortured woman who was found lying burned in the kitchen of her home.

The victim was disallowed by her brother and uncle from marrying a man of her choice. This allegedly made her depressed and unhappy. And this unhappiness and disappointment led her to commit suicide by setting herself on fire.

The Saudi citizen girl Hanan was a student at the Faculty of Education in Bisha. After the death of her father, she was facing unkind and cruel behavior of her brother. A young man who wants to marry her and who already paid the dowry to her uncle was rejected by his brother recently. 

Source: Arab News

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