Most Wanted: The Housemaid who cast Black Magic Spells

Practicing black magic and these kinds of things are prohibited in Islam. In Saudi Arabia, it is considered as a crime and is liable to be punished. The punishment for practicing black spell in Saudi Arabia is the death penalty.  The Saudi police were looking for a woman who belongs to Indonesia and working as a maid here in Saudi Arabia. She had an evil eye against her own employer and practiced witchcraft against her employer and his whole family in Riyadh.

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It is very common in Saudi Arabia that the maids using magic spells against their employers. Especially, after the government gives permission to Moroccan maids to work in Saudi Arabia. But it is not necessary the Moroccan maid do the same, in the current case an Indonesian maid used black magic against her employer and her family. The employer says that the Indonesian maid practiced black magic on the whole family by using different black magic items and ran away after that from his house.

He further explained that the black magic affected his family severely and because of the spell, the family suffered from unconsciousness, black out, and epilepsy experiences like fists, strokes or fell in faint and convulsive moments of muscles, or a sudden out of control attack etc. He further added that the Indonesian lady was working there as a maid for three years and in this entire period of the job, the behavior and the attitude of the whole family towards her was very good and we all treated her well.

The Saudi employer said that the different tools used for witchcraft such as hair, blood, lizards, or small piece of papers having the names of family members etc. were hiding in different places in our house. After the maid ran away and left the house, we start finding the magic objects used for a black spell from different parts of the house.

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He said that he believed in black magic but he had no wish to punish her. He didn’t want to cause any damage to her. He believed that to do a black magic for cutting the effect of the evil charm is also prohibited in Islam and is Haram. That is the reason; he just wanted to find her as soon as possible. The only thing he wanted from her was that she comes back and lifts this wickedness of black magic from his house, finishes the curse and frees his family from this black spell.

  • ishe4real?

    Hey Alma asalam aleikum do you read quran and understand it very well?if you do you wouldn’t say that,heard/read the story on harut and marut in suratul bakra they were sent to teach to a people a book which was said to them that it was a test from their lord not to learn from it n those who did wod fail the test it was taught to some jinns who later taught it to the humans n they had power to go in btwn a husband and a wife n separate them so when you say people who believe in black magic are uncivilised ur wrong God let’s it go through when someone performs it to test the person being performed on to see him/her if will transgress beyond bounds and to that its why suratul ahad,falak and nas was sent to us so that we heal ourselves with them during those moments. so don’t say that least it affects you just pray to Allah to seek refuge from the evil black magic. Because it’s real.and I think am uncivilised because i believe that…asalam aleikum

  • ishe4real?

    Bruv you’ve not seen it till you experience it real stuff man!

  • Aisha Abdi

    There’s a widespread abuse in Saudi Arabia of ‘maids’ unlike anyother place in the world! There has to be more done on this issue. Giving biased information to conceal this problem only highlights this evil more. You are done!

  • Karwa_Sach

    Islam also promotes do your house chores yourself!

  • Mike

    For all we know, this family could be lying. It’s nothing new for Saudi families to mistreat their employees then create malicious lies after the domestic employee escapes their abuse. Abuse that a lot of times includes rape.

    Maybe if Saudis started treating their employees like human beings and pay them their salaries on time, they wouldn’t be so inclined to escape. But what do you expect from a people who are not taught proper manners or compassion for others as they are being raised?

  • Muhammad Aamir

    Yes… indeed our nabi MUHAMMAD S.A.W. is also get harmed from this black magic from 1jew (yahudi) . And then ALLAH S.W.T. tells the treatment through Jibreel as mentioned by u the surh’s

  • Muhammad Aamir

    Walekum as salaam warehmatullaah

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