An Indian arrested casting black magic spells to his Employer in Saudi Arabia

An Indian worker was detained for having an evil eye against his own employer and supposedly attempting magic spell against him. A newspaper reported that an Indian worker arrested in Saudi Arabia for practicing black magic or spell on his boss.

An Indian, who is 33 years of age, was working in Saudi Arabia. He had been arrested for casting a black spell on his boss. The man has admitted the crime and confessed that he is attempting to commit the offense.[irp]

Police stated that He told the police in his statement that he just wanted to become rich in a shortcut way by casting a magic spell on his employer, so his employer would give favors and promotions to him.

A packet or parcel was sent to the Indian worker, whose identity was not known, from his motherland country India. The packet was full of wary and suspicious things. The police said that with the help of these materials he allegedly wanted to practice evil charm on his employer, but the packet was taken into custody before it could be delivered to him.


The report of a newspaper stated that an officer at the post office was having reservations about the envelope and he believed that the envelope from India to be delivered to the man would contain something suspicious.

Later, when they open the packet, it was found that it contained a piece of papers with weird words and writings on it. It was the kind of language which was used mostly for casting magic and witchcraft. After confirming that the packet contained objects for a magic spell, the post office officials informed the Criminal Investigations Department about the whole matter. 

According to the newspaper, the postman with the help of the police officer planned and strategy to trap the man. A trick was played in which the police detective acted in place of the postman. The person whose address was on the parcel was then called to collect the envelope.

The policeman who was acting like a post office officer asked the man to tell the name of the materials inside of the envelope, to which he responded that the contents of the envelope were supposed to make him rich straight away.

The Indian worker was then taken into custody for inquiry and investigation.  Casting magic spell and witchcraft is illegal in Saudi Arabia and considered as a crime. The act of practicing sorcery is punishable under Saudi Arabia's Islamic sharia law. 

The punishment for practicing black spell in Saudi Arabia can lead to death sentenceViewing the punishments of others accused of practicing magic spell in Saudi Arabia before and since the penalty was almost without any doubt very strict.

The newspaper reported that the Jeddah Police Spokesperson First Lt Nawaf Al-Bouq confirmed that the Indian worker has been in custody until the investigation has been completed.

Source: Times of India

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