10 Years Old Saudi Pilot gets the Flying License

Saudi Arabia is a land of talented people. A very recent example is a 10-year-old boy Ali Al Mahdi, who has received the license to fly an airplane. He is one among the youngest pilots across the globe. Ali Al Mahdi is only 10 years of age and when most his age fellows would be learning simple mathematics, running a bicycle or would be playing online games, he has learned the skills to fly. He has created a history by getting a license of flying a gyrocopter at this tender age.[irp]

Young Al Mahdi has been in the flying school that has an affiliation with Saudi Aviation Club, this institute runs under the permission given by Civil Aviation Authority. He got the license from same flying school. The chief instructor of the flying school, Captain John is happy with his brilliant student. He happily explains that Ali Al Mahdi was highly enthusiastic and showed utmost commitment towards learning and that is why he learned the basic skills much quickly as compared to others.

Al-Mahdi has been in the training process for a short period of four months only. He learned so quickly that now he can fly 1000 to 1500 feet higher than the ground without taking help of anyone else.

Ali Al Mahdi’s father, Abdullah Al Mahdi is also very happy with the success of his son. He explains that his son was ambitious of becoming a pilot and he always dreamed of flying a plane at the age of four years when he started to go the elementary school.[irp]

Abdullah Al Mahdi says that in addition to the ambition and commitment, his son’s fluency and command of the English language helped him to achieve the goal. It was easy for the young Mahdi to communicate with his instructor because of this proficiency in the English language. Abdullah spent almost 40, 000 Saudi Riyals on his son for the training classes and to bear other relative expenses.

Source: Arab News

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