What Saudi Arabia has to do to achieve Vision 2030?

The modern day the Middle East is currently passing through one of its most turbulent periods in all of history. Internecine conflicts, unnecessary bloodshed and the absence of state actors have unfortunately contributed to the turmoil that this great nation is going through.

Even the greatest of Arab good wishes have gone into depression over the recent state of the Kingdom. It is 2017 now; I sometimes wonder how the Kingdom will be like by 2030. The answer to this question rests on several various factors which include social and economic factors.[irp]

These factors subsequently are greatly dependent on the political situation of the concerned area, in this case, the Kingdom. In the absence of security and stability, there will surely be neither development nor progress.

The above text is of vital importance and demands that we take immediate and serious notice of this. The factors which ultimately will decide our fate include oil prices, population control, water and food security and alternative energy.

If we address these issues with a firm resolve to find a solution to these problems and to ensure that not only the people in the Kingdom but humans can have a brighter future, nobody would be able to stop Saudi Arabia in the race to progress.

On a larger side note, all the Middle East, which includes Egypt and the Levant, and any other country which plays a significant role in the Palestine – Israel conflict, will remain the key players and will be able to be partners in the peace process in the region.

However, if there is any more delay to this peace process, the entire region will be deprived of peace and stability, which will push it into further chaos. On the other hand, to solve the problems that are faced, the Arabs must walk alone.

There is too much attention and emphasis on the United States and frankly, I don’t believe it will get us anywhere. Hence, to ensure our survival, some serious questions need to be asked.

Can the corruption, injustice, and sectarianism be removed altogether from within the region? Can there be a united GCC command and control system which will help in the region defending itself, through its own forces?

Another question which immediately arises, from my last question stated above, will the western lords allow the Arab nations to become so independent. It should be realized by all Arabs and Muslims that the United States of America will never be a complete ally, due to the heavy favoring of Israel over all else by them.

It should also be realized that it is our duty and right to defend the homeland and not depend on others for help. If strategists prepare from now, then only can we ensure a prosperous peaceful future not only for the Kingdom but for all GCC countries and the people residing in them.

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