A beggar with a bank balance of SR 6.2 million arrested by the Authorities

Beggars have been around since ages. These beggars, who sometimes work in the forms of groups, can often be seen waiting in the busy districts of the city which include the business and shopping districts. The beggars use the red traffic signals to their advantage by begging from the cars which have stopped at the traffic lights.

There have been instances where a beggar was revealed to be someone who did not need to beg, or sometimes they are truly needy, however rarely will you ever see something which is about to be revealed next. It seems that begging has become one of the most profitable businesses there are.[irp]

One such news emerged from the Kuwait City where a beggar had been detained by the law enforcement agencies. The news is that the beggar, who was a non-Kuwaiti, had been taken into custody near a mosque in the city.

Upon inspection, the law enforcement agencies found something which startled the law enforcement agencies. The man who had been begging in the city had been found with a bank balance of KD 500,000 which is approximately SAR 6.2 Million.

The security sources in the city told the Al-Rai daily who stated that the law enforcement officers had been regularly patrolling the area when they encountered a man begging near a mosque for money. The beggar was telling the worshippers that he was an extremely needy man who had no cash and no home.

The law enforcement officers, who witnessed this, immediately took the man into custody as he was blatantly breaking the law, and the officers launched an investigation into the man’s background and identity. This investigation revealed his real financial status to the law enforcement personnel. 

In April of the same year, Kuwaiti authorities had deported around 22 such beggars after they had been arrested after harassing the people of Kuwait. The law enforcement officers uncovered several men who had even resorted to wearing of Abayas to aid in boosting their chances of obtaining the money from unsuspecting people.

Earlier it was also reported that a man had begged in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who had been begging under the guise of a woman. This man was subsequently caught by Saudi Arabian law enforcement authorities. The man in question had told the police that he would be collecting up to SAR 200 on the regular days and the income he received were increased on Fridays.[irp]

An official from the government authorities stated that round about 85 percent of all the beggars located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were foreigners and not local people. It should be noted that these people are Con Artists and we should be cautious of such people.

Since we are involved in the giving of charity we should be cautious of these types of people. We should aim at giving our charity to those who are in need yet don’t beg for money on the streets. Those who beg only from Allah should be given this charity.

Source: Arab News

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