Al Shallal Theme Park – The best theme park in Jeddah

Theme parks are one of the most frequently visited spots in a city. Apart from the local population who make their way to theme parks to take a break from their daily lives and to enjoy a little, the theme parks are also usually filled with tourists and guests to the city (in the case of tourist cities and tourist spots). There is a common thinking in the minds of all the expats who are residing in the Kingdom, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an extremely conservative Islamic country; the thinking is also that the country has extremely little to no entertainment at all.[irp]

Unfortunately, this is somewhat true, yes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a conservative Islamic country, and however, they do have some entertainment to offer. Those living in the Kingdom have to research and find the information on places of entertainment as information about these things is not available ready online. If you search online for family based entertainment opportunities in Jeddah, you will be ultimately lead to the Al Shallal Theme Park. Even for those who have been living in Jeddah for a few years, this theme park is not common knowledge.

An online report stated that a Jeddah resident discovered the Al Shallal Theme Park online, and decided to take his friends along and visit the theme park. All the families made their way to the theme park on a weekend and according to their review of the place, they did not seem disappointed at all. The person who discovered the theme park online stated that they had some expectations coming to the place about how it would be, however, the theme park was much better than what any of them had ever expected.

The theme park consisted of indoor activities such as arcade gaming zone, ice skating ring, gift shops and a food court. The outdoor area of the theme park was, however, more beautiful than the indoor activities. The outdoors comprised of a lake which was extremely beautiful, along with nice restaurants with a generally pleasant ambiance. 

There were also numerous free rides for little children amongst the other paid tides and there were even no restrictions on the females for going on the rides. Even though this may be surprising for someone who has been living in the Kingdom, especially in the Capital, Riyadh where women are not allowed to take the rides in the public parks, or rather that it is discouraged in society.

The theme park has been recommended as a must go for all families who are planning how to spend their next holiday with the entire family. It is better to visit in the cooler months since most of the activities are based outdoor, however, even those who visit in the hotter months have not complained about the heat is unbearable. [irp]

The entrance fee to the Al Shallal Theme Park is SR 25 and you can purchase a band for SR 55. This band will allow you access to all the rides in the park free of cost. You can also purchase a card and recharge it with SR 20 or 30. You will have to swipe this card every time you take a ride. You can take 3,4 rides in SR 20.

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