Letter to the Preliminary Commission for Settlement of Labor Disputes

  • To: The Preliminary Commission for Settlement of Labor Disputes
  • Subject: Contract Abuse and Human Trafficking Complaint.

Dear Sir, I am FAHAD ANSARI. Indian national, Passport number “L8084710”. I came to Saudi Arabia on 10 June 2015. I have got the visa of the farmer. My employer is MR. ABDUL AZEEEJ GEFFARI, but he had handed me to work and be commanded by his son ADIL GEFFARI, and he asked me to obey all his son commands. Instead of working on the farm, the son got me to serve him and his friends all day and night in his Hostel in the farm from cleaning and cooking up to serving tea to his friends treating me like a slave in front of them. My employer didn’t commit what’s in the contract between me and him as follow:[irp]

ABDUL AZEEEJ GEFFARI is my employer but his son ADIL GEFFARI rules on me like Saddam Husain in an un-human dictatorship way. Instead of working as a farmer, he got me to work with his son and do jobs as a slave in the son’s Hostel. The son forced me to work more than 8 hours a day stay late up to early morning near fajar, 7 days a week with NO day off. The son didn’t allow me to have Eid holiday and got mad at me when I asked him for it, instead he forced me to serve his guests during Eid without any compensation. The son didn’t open a bank account for me to deposit my salary and send to my sick father and my family.

The son told me that my salary had changed from 1500 SR in the contract to 1200SR. The son just paid me 1200 SR for the first month plus 300 SR he said it’s an Orphan “SADAQAH” from him and not part of my salary and it won’t be paid again. The son had made me a prisoner in his hostel and banned me from going anywhere for my simple life needs such as going to the barber shop to have my hair cut for Eid nor to meet or talk to anybody but himself or his friends.

The son seized my passport, refused to give me a copy and didn’t issue an Iqama, in that way he poisoned me in his place and not to go anywhere not even for Eid prayer. The son banded everything on me including internet connection to communicate with my family back home. Every time I complain to my Employer I found him ignorant and trying to get me to accept his son attitude telling me that his son is good but only having a high temper that requires me to be patient.

Since I am new in your country Kingdome of Saudi Arabia I thought all that is legal and was afraid to complain because my employer can send me back home and my family will think I am a loser and don’t want to work. I came to your country to work and support my family; I had struggled a lot to overcome this situation until an incident happened that I can’t survive with it and it is as follow:

On the 24th July 2015, I was feeling sick and suffering very high chest pain, headache, and vomiting. My employer`s friends Abu Ali and Abu Ahmed has taken me to Buraiydah central hospital and there I was admitted at 13:30 hrs in the afternoon. Doctors started their duty such as Blood pressure, ECG, and Blood sample test. While waiting for the results to identify what health problem I have, by 20:30 hrs my employer in charge ADIL GEFFARI came to the hospital and started forcing me horribly in un-humanitarian way to be discharged from the hospital by claiming that I am not sick and he insisted on the doctor and discharged me from the hospital and took me back to his place.

When we arrived at his place he started shouting at me that why I use my own laptop and that`s the reason you are sick. Sir do you think that anyone can have chest pain if he will use a laptop, he didn’t stop or observe my sickness, instead, he started shouting at me loudly and started to beat me and while I was trying to avoid his beat his father ABDUL AZEEZ GEFFARI came and took him away off me. Many of their friends who were around had witnessed the scene; I can provide you with all phone numbers of who witnessed what I faced.

My Claim: I was abused in my job and in my contract, whereby I seek my right as per Saudi Law.

  • I seek justice for the Human Trafficking I had been into.
  • I am not feeling any security at all and seeking protection against Assault of any kind, especially after this complaint.
  • I came to Saudi Arabia to work and share work but unfortunately, I ended up being a slave in my employer’s son place.
  • My employer’s son is also having another Indian worker under a private driver visa and he forced him to work in his shop treating him as a slave too, you can verify yourself, sir.
  • If being a slave is legal in your law, sorry I can’t accept it; my Mom had born me FREE Human. Give me any job in a clean environment and I will work hard otherwise send me back to my country.