Flat caught fire in Madina, Mother threw her children from 2nd Floor to save their life

Fire breaking incidents have become a routine these days in Kingdom. People get burned due to little silly or careless mistake and it turns out to be the worst moment of their lives.  Recently an Indian Muslim family encountered the same incident during the second night of recent holy month Ramadan. Umm Nabeel who is an Indian resident and housewife residing in Madinah fell into a situation to save her children from burning fire flames by throwing them outside of house window. While making Suhoor arrangements during second Ramadan, a fire broke out in the apartment. Due to the compact area of a two-bedroom apartment, the fire soon grabbed everything inside the apartment.[irp]

Umm Nabeel along with her three children aged 12, 10 and 3 captured into a closed burning compartment filled with diffused oxygen and carbon dioxide. The horrible scenario left no option for a mother to save her children except throwing them out of the window. She mentioned it while talking to media persons that, it was a delicate moment when I had to decide which risk has to be taken. I had to see my children burning in front of my eye if I would not let them escape through a window which was 7 meters above ground. Umm Nabeel, when left with no way out, threw her youngest daughter who is just 3 years old out of the window. She threw her down towards her husband and other people who were holding a big cloth down to catch the girl coming down from the window.

After the successful evacuation of her youngest daughter, Umm Nabeel threw her elder children aged 10 and 12 in the same way. Fortunately, all three kids remained unharmed and successfully came out of burning apartment. In the last, she herself jumped down and remained safe and sound. The family could rescue itself from burning incident but still, their house burnt completely along with all memories and the good time they spent there. Umm Nabeel and her husband Mohammed Ajmal felt great relief for ditching such a deadly incident and thanked Allah for keeping them unharmed in the Holy month of Ramadan.

After leaving the house, Umme Nadeem shared the worst feeling during the burning incident that when her daughter asked “are they going to die” she felt so helpless. “The bad time has lapsed and we are safe but still bad memories make us frightened for what could have happened in case there was no window in surrounding” Umm Nabeel shared her remarks after the incident. This helplessness dragged her to take risk of throwing children out of the window instead of watching them roasted alive in the closed burning flat.[irp]

The incident left bad impact over mental condition whole family especially and they are still frightened for what happened to them during Holy Month. The family became homeless due to the burning of their house in this hour of need Madinah residents helped them by providing them a substitute residence in Al-Nasser District.

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