How to Carry Zamzam Water with Saudi Airlines free of Cost?

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Those traveling from Saudi Arabia to their home countries face various issues in taking ZamZam water along with them. It is a big question asked at various forums that “are expatriates allowed to take ZamZam water with them free of cost when they travel to their home countries”. The answer is; it depends from which airport they are traveling. If they are traveling from Jeddah airport also known as King Abdul Aziz international airport they can take Zam Zam water along with them up to 5 liters in the form of the gallon from SOGIA factory.

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The same facility is also offered to those who travel from Madinah Airport which is also known as Prince Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz.  This opportunity is not available in case an expat is traveling from any other airport to home country.  All other airports allow baggage of 46 kg in the form of 2 bags (23 kg for each bag). In case you carry ZamZam water other than your hand baggage which only allows weight up to 7 kg.

If you are willing to take extra water you have two options. One is obviously to pay for extra weight and the other is to reduce your baggage weight below 46 kg and adjust water for balancing figure of weight available.  In many cases, travelers have shared their experiences regarding their hand baggage weight limits on social media networks. One of them mentioned that he was allowed only 7 kg weight in his hand baggage but he took 12 kg as no one checked it.

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Other made complaints about this fact that they are not allowed even a single pound free of cost while traveling to their home countries. Majorly it depends on the location, from which airport you are traveling to your homeland.


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