Two Years’ Probation Period for new Teachers in Saudi Arabia

The profession of teaching is by far the most important profession in the world, in relation to the future. These teachers and professors take upon themselves one of the greatest responsibilities known to man. They are responsible for cultivating the young minds of our youth, generation after generation. The youth is what the future depends on, of our country, continent, planet and the future of humans. As each generation receives a better education than the previous one, the future, even after we are no more and the present-day youth will replace us, will be blessed with development which will be for the betterment of our land and our lives. The current generation has proved this by improving life in comparison to the older generation.[irp]

All around the world varied amount of importance is given to teachers. While some countries lay great emphasis on the standards of teachers that are employed in the country, there are also those that cannot be the least bit bothered. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prides itself on the upkeep of standards of the teachers that are employed in the profession of blessing our youth with the gift of education. To further maintain the high standards for teachers in the Kingdom some new announcements were made. It is said that new teachers who gain employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will now be placed on probation for a period of 2 years.

Prior to this announcement, the probation period for all teachers was 1 year. These announcements were made by the Ministry of Education in which they also stated that the ministry has increased the time for the training of the prospective teachers in compliance with the recommendations made by the Council of Civil Service. All candidates who do not pass this trial period will get their pension savings refunded to them and will keep their employee funds however they will be exempted from receiving any bonuses. A source at the Ministry of Education added that the teachers who will be on probation or trial period will not be eligible to be transferred to somewhere else.

The Ministry of Education also stated that all the employment matters which included transference and resignation of teachers must only be done through the Employees’ Affairs General Directorate office of the Ministry of Education.

All candidates will have to give an interview after their trial period has ended, and all those candidates who pass this post-trial period interview must then also submit a medical report within a week of the interview. The Ministry of Education added that any delays in the submission of the candidate’s medical report will automatically cause their application to be terminated.[irp]

Some might think that the Ministry’s decisions were unfair or harsh, but we have to see the bigger picture that we must maintain the highest possible standards for the profession responsible for shaping the minds of our youth and shaping the path to the future.


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