Saudi Man carrying pressure cooker arrested by the FBI

Ever since the dreaded attacks which took place on 9/11, Muslims primarily from the Gulf region are being viewed with great suspicion in the United States of America along with every other non-Muslim country. The western media is to be thanked for profiling every Muslim as a possible terror threat, although most Muslims from around the world condemn such extremist actions by a minute fraction of misguided so called “Muslims”.[irp]

This has caused yet another arrest in the USA where a man of Saudi origin, who arrived at the Detroit Metro Airport, was arrested because he brought along a pressure cooker in his luggage. The man is currently behind bars while his lawyer in the United States, James Howarth has stated that having such a pressure cooker does not make him a criminal. The man, whose name is Hussain Al Khawahir, has been accused by the American authorities of using an altered Saudi Arabian passport (certain pages were missing) and for making an alleged false statement to the U.S Customs officer regarding the pressure cooker. Hussain appeared in the U.S district court and waived his rights to a detention hearing.

It is said that an American lady informed the FBI that she had spotted a young Saudi man who lived in her neighborhood walking around with a huge pressure cooker in his possession. The woman, who has not been named, added that the gray color of the pressure cooker resembled the one which was used in the Boston Marathon bombing which killed 3 people and injured 264.Al Khawahir’s lawyer, Howarth, still maintains that his client knew nothing about the use of a pressure cooker in the terrorist attack on the Marathon.

The United States Attorney, Barbara McQuade stated in talks with the media that the unique combination of allegations and facts which include false statements and altered passports has raised the concerns of the authorities. She added that even though they do not want to jump to conclusions, they have to conduct a full-length investigation for the safety of the people. According to the formal complaint which has been filed in the U.S. District Court, Al Khawahir flew into the United States from Saudi Arabia via Amsterdam and informed the Customs officer that he had purchased the pressure cooker for his nephew, who is a student in the U.S. because they aren’t sold in America.[irp]

The Customs officer also noticed that pages 33 and 34 had been removed from the passport. On this Al, Khawahir stated that he does not know how it happened as only his wife and 3 little children have access to it. It should also be noted that the Saudi man does not speak English and it is possible that a misunderstanding took place with the officials, the lawyer stated.

He added that people of Saudi Arabia often travel with the pressure cooker due to how they prepare their traditional food. Al Khawahir’s nephew, Nasser Al Marzooq said that it was all a misunderstanding and he needed the device to cook lamb.