Avg. Salaries of Expat Women from different professions in Saudi Arabia

Most of the females to enter the Kingdom on a family visa, find it difficult to get employment in their relative fields. This is however not true for those females who enter the Kingdom on a work visa. Even if you are making your way to the Kingdom on a work visa, you should be aware of the salary levels and trends which are currently being given in the area, prior to your move. As is common knowledge, the Kingdom is a very conservative country and hence does not have many career opportunities for women.  The fields which do offer employment to women regularly are the sectors of;[irp]

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Housekeeping or Hospitality

Things which might affect your salary include your nationality (for some companies), the level of education and experience if any. In the education sector, teachers should expect a salary of 1500 to 3200 USD per month. There are a few factors which determine your level of pay. These are;

Nationality – native English speaking people or those who have achieved proficiency in their native level is good enough.

Qualification – For computer science, basic science and mathematics, teachers with a master’s degree in their relative field will increase their chances for a better pay. For the English Language teachers, a bachelor in the English Language, Linguistics, Mass Communication or Journalism is essential to a good paying job. While other certificates such as the TEFL, EFL, TESL, DELTA, TESOL, CELTA or any other of this sort may attract your prospective employers, a Ph.D. or a Master’s degree is an asset.

Experience – Those prospective teachers who have at least 2 years of experience or more in a teaching job are preferred. Those who have taught at university level have an added advantage.

Additionally, some of the international schools in the Kingdom do hire those teachers who have little or no prior experience. The salaries for these inexperienced teachers will vary from one institution to the next and according to the individual’s qualification. There are a few International schools located in Jeddah which hire female, engineers, doctors, technicians, and nurses to teach children of different levels and ages. Those teachers without any university degree earn around 530 to 665 USD per month while those with a university degree earn between 800 to 1500 USD per month. Coordinators of schools get a higher salary.

Next, we talk about the women in the health sector. In this sector, too, salaries depend and vary greatly from one institution to the next. Female general practitioners who work for the Saudi Government earn around 1066 USD per month plus additional benefits such as housing, medical, transport etc. Consultants and specialists earn more than the general practitioner, with the salaries ranging between 2135 and 3200 USD plus benefits every month. Physicians are entitled to an annual raise after a given period, which is mentioned in their contracts. If you are planning to go, it is important to keep all these factors and packages in mind before finally making up your mind.

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