How to get a Low-Cost Hajj Package in Saudi Arabia?

Normal Hajj package is out of range? The cost of performing Hajj has been increasing day by day. Especially if you talk about the cost of Hajj for the Saudi Iqama Holders, it starts from SR 7,000 and goes up to SR 14,000/- for normal Hajj packages. This is one of the main reasons people go to perform Hajj without Hajj permit (Tasreeh).

Since SR 7,000 is out of range of many Saudi Iqama holders, so Saudi Government launches subsidized low-cost hajj packages every year. They have launched the low-cost hajj package in this year as well. The cost of low-cost hajj package this year is starting from SR 3,282/- and goes up to SR 4,132/-.

It is important to mention here that the procedure to apply for all kind of packages is the same which is given in this link. However, most of the times low-cost Hajj packages are not available online so we have given some tips below to book a low-cost hajj package in Saudi Arabia. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Hajj in Saudi Arabia

Low-Cost Hajj Package: Apply for the low-cost hajj package as soon as the Hajj booking is started by the Ministry of Hajj. Ministry of Hajj starts Hajj booking online on different dates.

If you relate to our Facebook page, you will be communicated about it. There are many chances that you will be able to secure a low-cost hajj package if you apply very first day during initial hours.

1808 How to get a Low Cost Hajj Package in Saudi Arabia

A specific quota of low-cost hajj package: There is a specific quota of low-cost hajj package distributed among different hajj agents. Ministry of Hajj does not upload this quota straight away in their system. They upload it gradually so when you apply for a low-cost Hajj package, you find out that there is no package available now.

But don’t lose hope, if you keep on checking on different timings, you will find a low-cost hajj package. Every city has its separate quota for low-cost Hajj package, so you can apply from different cities as well.

There is no condition that you will have to apply from the same city where you are residing. You just have to travel to that city before the start of Hajj so that you can travel with them for Hajj.

Can you get it through a Wasta? As I mentioned earlier, the quota of low-cost hajj package distributed among different hajj agents. If you have a friend who is a Hajj agent, you can always request him to get a low-cost Hajj package for you.

They cannot allot a low-cost hajj package to you directly but they can ask any of their employees to keep on applying for you. There are chances that you will get it.

Assign someone from your family: I know you are busy in the office and your work and cannot check for hajj package every now and then. The easiest option is to assign someone in your family to do it on your behalf.

For example, you can ask your son or daughter or wife who have a basic understanding of the internet to continue looking for it. Whenever it is available, proceed for booking.

Request to Other Readers: If you know any information regarding low-cost hajj package in Saudi Arabia, please don’t hesitate to post it in the comment box below. I will try to update it here.