Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Donates 10,000 Houses and 10,000 Cars to Needy People

Alwaleed Philanthropies is a charitable and humanitarian organization founded by Al-Waleed bin Talal and Princess Ameerah with a mission to help and relieve suffering and rise above international borders globally. The goals of the foundation-Saudi Arabia are housing projects, social empowerment of women through education, health and social aid; charitable help, and national charitable trusts. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud as an expression of his appreciation to the Saudi nation declared the continuation of the two Alwaleed philanthropic schemes. One is development housing project which is granting 10,000 housing units to Saudi citizens and the other scheme is to providing 10,000 cars to Saudis, by this means, the total number of beneficiaries among Saudi men and women bringing to 100,000 in 10 years.[irp]

Having enough money to own a home is the main problem for nowadays most Saudi citizens. It has turned into a big trouble and burden on the family’s finances. Particularly Saudi families are mostly young, small and with very limited earnings. Per the latest official population survey of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the youth represent most the population.  Regarding the project of providing 10 thousand cars, the organization believed that it should go to the families having no transportation means. They are forced to hire transport on rent for traveling which is very expensive and an extra burden on them.

By granting a car and a house, that everyday expenditure would be secured and each family’s other saving income would be increased. Hence, the Alwaleed philanthropies is carrying through with its past promises of making it certain of 10,000 housing units that would help 10,000 Saudi families, approximately 60,000 Saudi citizens as the average size of a family in Saudi Arabia is six. Thus, the housing units are being circulated on a standard of 1,000 houses per year to receivers who do not meet the criteria to qualify for housing under the Housing Ministry’s system. Alwaleed philanthropies play a supportive responsibility in reducing the burden of accommodation in Saudi Arabia and is not a substitute or an opponent to the government’s project.

According to the figures collected when allocating the units, 1,240 housing units have already been distributed to several receivers, around 10,558 men and women.  The Foundation also plans to give out 10,000 cars to entitled families at an average of 1,000 cars each year. The project will be approved over 10 years. The terms and method of distribution of housing units and cars to appropriate families will be accessible on the website of Alwaleed Philanthropies. Alwaleed will be declaring the names of beneficiaries at the appropriate time. The two projects are not connected to each other, which means that the beneficiary of the first scheme will not automatically benefit from the second project.  This also does not mean that the beneficiary of the 2nd project will not take advantage from the first project. Each project is self-regulating and free from the other and has its own requisites and system of distribution available on the Alwaleed Philanthropies website as follows[irp]

What I have is a blessing and gift from Allah. I was born and brought up in this beloved country, the most valuable place for me to grant and distribute in its people. In whatever I do, I am grateful to and seek the blessings of Allah, Alwaleed said. Alwaleed Philanthropies issued a statement Saturday (July 4) in which it said that Alwaleed Philanthropies has been functioning for 35 years on initiating humanitarian projects and supporting them in more than 92 countries. “The Foundation is workings in collaboration with a large group of educational, administrative and charitable organizations with a vision to remove poverty, empowering women and youth, rising society, providing fundamental failure relief and bringing cultures together through consciousness and education. Thanks to this group effort, we can endorse a world of forgiveness, harmony, and kindness”

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