SR 10,000 Fine and 2 months Jail if anyone found drifting on the cars

Assembly of Saudi Arabia known as Shoura council has suggested a penalty of fine and imprisonment both for the counter steering or car drifting. The punishment recommended by the Shoura is a fine of 10 thousand Saudi Riyals and 2 months of imprisonment or both. In the 40th regular meeting of the Shoura Council, which is presided by President Abdullah Al-Sheikh, the house officially approved the amendment related to penalties for car drifting offenses.[irp]

It is laid down in the latest amendment that every car drifter shall be penalized with fines, jail, and their vehicle has been taken into custody for a specific period and this period can be extended in case of repeating the drifting crime. If the offense committed for the first time, the fine shall be levied which begins from 10 thousand Saudi Riyals, or Imprisonment which should be 2 months or more or shall be punished with both in some cases. These punishments are not only for those who are committing a crime but also those people are also guilty of supporting the act, or aid financially and the viewers who encourage car drifting. They shall be punished with a fine of 1,500 Saudi Riyals or seizure of a vehicle for not less than 15 days or with both.

It is an honor to mention that our blog has also shared some work on this topic previously and tried to create awareness about different violations of traffics rules and fine imposed on these violations. Traffic police and research and investigation squads of Riyadh have been making efforts to get rid of the cases of drifting, by engaging to transform their vehicles to make their motors more powerful and chasing other cars in the streets. All these efforts by the administration to reduce these crimes have resulted in reducing the number of accidents and all these drifting incidents.

Last year, Riyadh traffic police have taken into custody more than 646 car drifters during a period of six months since last November.  Authorities have called on parents to keep an eye on their sons, advise them to help to reduce the severe consequences of drifting since most of these violators are belong to young age. Some other regulations passed by the Saudi government to reduce accidents and improve the traffic system are very impressive.[irp]

The Saudi government is bringing new regulation about the jail period and heavy fine to the drivers for the crimes like crossing red light or using mobile phones while driving. These are the steps taken by the government for safe driving and avoid accidents.

Source: Arab News

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