The Oldest Vehicle Number Plate of Saudi Arabia

Number plates are the tool used for identification of vehicles which are on the road. All over the world, there are similar number plates everywhere, with a minor adjustments region wise. Some places have their number plates in the English language; some have the number plates in their native language while there are also some who use a mix of their local language with the English language. Over the years the number plate has transformed with how they look and although the newer ones are far better looking and can be identified more easily than the slightly older ones, however the older ones whether the number plate or any other thing carries a whole lot of character and history with them.[irp]

Now most car guys would know what an effort it is to maintain and keep an antique car, however even these antique cars have now been fitted with new number plates. However, the older number plates are filled with memories and often character which is just amazing to look at. One such technically antique number plate was found here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This number plate is claimed to be the oldest surviving number plate in all Saudi Arabia and has been showcased many times in the Okaz market. This old number plate is owned currently by one young Saudi man who says that the number plate belonged to his grandfather who used to own a 1960 Ford.

Most fans of antique cars and old vehicles would generally show a lot of interest in this rare specimen as it is always interesting to view antique items and see the character and history behind these antiquities. The owner of the antique number plate has stated that he himself is a fan of historic artifacts and antiquities. He states that he would always make sure that he would attend the local cultural events and festivals which showcased the culture, history, and character of different regions of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom.

The Okaz Festival which showcases the antique number plate is currently underway and this year makes it the 8th year that this festival has been running. This antique number plate should be placed in a museum or viewing gallery for others to see this antiquity and admire the beauty of the artifact. In most countries, a car from the 1960s would be considered as an antique and numerous committees and clubs have been established around the world which showcases rare and exotic antique cars which often include cars which had been made from wood, before alloy metals or steel was used in the construction of auto vehicles.[irp]

Perhaps Saudi Arabia can also start their own antique car club and if they do, this artifact is sure to be displayed in all the meetings and annual or monthly displays that these clubs often set up. As a car enthusiast, myself I would love to see this number plate in life.

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