Is taking Umrah Selfies a reasonable Act?

The Social Media users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been actively debating whether the craze behind the now infamous selfie trend has finally gone too far after some people who were performing their Umrah complained that there were some people who were causing serious problems since they would randomly stop and take a selfie with the Holy Kaaba which would, in turn, cause a major stalling of the movement of the other pilgrims.

I waited for this moment for 10 years, why not a selfie?

On the other hand, Abdul Rahman Yaseen, A Pakistani stated that he had been waiting for almost 10 years for the special moment that he would lay his eyes on the Holy Kaaba and can perform Umrah. He added that since he had waited for so long for this auspicious moment he would like to have a permanent souvenir which would stay with him forever.

Hence he stated that he took a selfie with the Holy Kaaba. He also stated that this picture would by far be the best picture that his smartphone had or will ever capture.

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I did not intentionally want to disrupt the crowd

Nuruddeen Husain stated that he did not purposely want to cause a disruption in the flow of the masses or to create any other problems for his pilgrims and worshippers.

However, he added that he wanted to record every moment of his Umrah trip because it was truly special once in a lifetime opportunity for him and he wanted to have something to remember it by and cherish when he returns home after the pilgrimage.

He said that the selfie is a perfect way to create a personal souvenir for you to take back with you.

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I took a selfie as others were also taking it

Hamad Al Mutairi, who belonged from Kuwait, stated that this trend on social media of selfies had forced him to take a quick selfie. The sight of the Holy Kaaba was truly a wonderful thing and it was an extremely breathtaking moment which he wanted to share with all his family, friends and even followers on social media. He added that social media has become a major integral part of our lives.

Khalid Al Shmirani stated that since the trend of selfies had gained such immense popularity, it can hardly be an oddity these days. He added that the young men and women all enjoy taking their selfies and each has their unique pose and angle which they consider their best shot. The young men and women truly are committed and invested in sharing their selfies and gaining likes on their pictures.

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Samia Al Asmari stated that even though selfies were an extremely popular trend across most people regardless of age or gender, young women have shown a tad bit special interest in them. She added that they are extremely active on their social media accounts and love uploading their best selfies.

Some people expressed their dissent for taking selfies around the Holy Kaaba

There were however also those who have expressed their disdain towards the selfie trend stating that it started from self-expression and it has now become an obsession. People on social media stated that these people should go to the Holy Kaaba to be closer to God and to seek peace and tranquility.

Source: Gulf News