Procedure to get a New Visa after Final Exit Visa

All of us know that if someone wants to switch job in Saudi Arabia, there are two options available to him. He can either ask his sponsor to transfer his sponsorship to the new employer or ask new employer to issue a new visa for him. This article will educate you about all the complications in the given subject and guide you the easy way of getting new visa after Final Exit Visa. Let me start from the beginning. I am if you are already working in Saudi Arabia. Now you need to follow the following steps.[irp]

First, you will have to search for a good job in Saudi Arabia. Obviously, you would like to switch job only if the new job is better than your current job. I have explained in detail the job-hunting tricks in this link “How to Search for Job in Saudi Arabia

Once you have a better job offer, you need to check if your current employer is willing to let you transfer sponsorship. Keep in mind that only in few cases it is your right to get a transfer of sponsorship. Otherwise, it depends upon the will of current sponsor. Check this link for the details of Legal Right to Transfer the Sponsorship from Employer.

If your sponsor is ready to transfer your sponsorship, you need to adopt the certain procedure of getting a demand letter from new employer; acceptance letters from the current sponsor and the procedure is a bit lengthy. I have explained this procedure in this link “Procedure to Transfer Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia

If your employer does not agree to let you transfer the sponsorship, you can ask your new employer to get you a new visa. Normally employers are not willing to offer new visa and they look for someone who can be transferred from another sponsor. If your new employer is offering you a new visa, you need to resign from your current employer so that he can process your final exit. Before resigning, make sure that you have completed your contract. The completion of the contract depends upon the type of contract i.e. fixed term contract and indefinite contract.  We have explained about this in detail in this link “Fixed Term and Indefinite Contract

If your employer is not willing to process your final exit and you have completed your contract, you can take him to the court. But keep in mind that court proceedings take on average 2,3 months. Make sure that your new employer can wait for that long before lodging a complaint in labor court. Someone has shared her experience of going to labor court in this link “Register a Case against Kafeel in Labor Court”

If your current sponsor is willing to process your final exit, you need to take care of many points. I have explained about all these points in detail in this link “Procedure of Final Exit from Saudi Arabia

Once you are back to your country, you will have to process new visa on your passport. It is a detailed procedure which has been explained in this link “Step by Step Process of Saudi Working Visa

Once you are in Saudi Arabia, you will have to apply again for your new Iqama. The procedure of applying for First Iqama is explained in this link “Procedure to Apply for First Iqama

Once you have your Iqama with you, you will have to apply for the replacement of Driving License issued on your previous Iqama. The procedure of replacement of Driving License on New Visa is explained in this link.

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