Does “Hand Practice” break the fast?

As we know that the fasting during the month of Ramadan is Fard upon Muslims, it is also important to know the things that can break or invalidate your fast

Hand Practice in Islam

Hand Practice is an act that is highly disliked in Islam and is declared Haram. It has a lot of harmful effects on human beings. In this write-up, we will discuss the question that “Does Maschurbation while observing fast, breaks the fast”?

Ramadan, the month of fasting, is a sacred month. The Holy Quran explains that the fasting is made obligatory on Muslims so that they get “Taqwa”. It is a month which showers blessing from Almighty ALLAH and it is a great chance for the Muslims to get the purification and nearness to ALLAH.

During Fast, Muslims are supposed to abstain from the acts which are considered halal in normal life. One cannot eat after “Suhoor”, one cannot drink and one cannot fulfill the physical desire with his wife during fast. So, when all the permissible acts are not allowed during fast how an otherwise haram (forbidden) act can be done while fasting.

Does “Hand Practice” invalidate the fast?

Maschurbation while fasting breaks the fast if sperms are ejaculated. It is based on a Hadith that explains that Muslim while having fast shall not eat or drink and shall not satisfy the “physical” desires.

Eating and drinking is allowed in normal days and having the lawful satisfaction of “physical” desire are also allowed but these otherwise halal acts are banned during fast.

So, when lawful satisfaction of “physical” desire breaks the fast, unlawful satisfaction of “physical” desire (hand practice) will surely break the fast. It will invalidate the fast and this sin is also against the sacredness of the month of Ramadan.

What to do if you have committed this sin?

Intentional ejaculation will break the fast and the person will have to fast in compensation of breaking this fast in the Non-Ramadan period.

Do wet dreams invalidate the fast?

However, if the ejaculation is a result of a wet dream or without the desire, it will not break the fast. Same as if someone vomits unintentionally, his fast will not be broken.

Some people have criticized us for writing on this topic as it is considered taboo in our culture. But I think it is more important to spread awareness in the youth about it so that nobody commits this sin without knowledge. 

There is no shame in (asking and disseminating) the affairs of the religion so read and share it with others. 

Source: Dr. Zakir Naik