2 Men Jailed for One Year for shaving off Mustache of an Expat Driver

For every man the beard and mustache are a matter of great pride, not only does it give a rough and tough look to those with more delicate features, but those who can successfully grow a complete beard often consider themselves superior to those with patchy beards or those who do not have facial hair at all. The beard has been given great importance in our culture and our society as a big beard is commonly associated with a religious or pious man. Now imagine this, you have a head full of hair and a magnificent beard and mustache combination that you adore, however, some person decides that it would be funny if they shaved off your head, mustache, and beard. However, neither we found it funny, neither did the courts in this specific matter.[irp]

It is reported that two nationals residing in Qatar have each been given prison sentences for one year, for shaving off the head, beard, and mustache of an expatriate driver. The court in Doha had accused the two “wannabe barbers” of being guilty of the fact that they attacked and humiliating one Asian driver, as reported by the Gulf News. The two shameless defendants openly claimed that they had been forced to react after the bearded Asian driver had overtaken their car in such a reckless way that it had almost caused them to collide with the pavement at the side of the road on one of the major roads in Doha. The guilty duo added that they were initially driving in a very calm and quiet manner when they were abruptly and almost hit by the Asian driver who had wanted to get ahead of them without giving them any forewarning.

The Asian driver stated that he had been driving normally and in a calm manner on the road when he saw another car trying to signal him constantly to pull over to the side of the road, he, however, paid no heed to their signals and kept driving despite the persistence of the other vehicle. The Asian driver stated that despite trying to lose the persistent car which was following him, the car kept following him and shortly after the Asian driver stopped to inquire why exactly the two were following him so persistently.

The Asian driver stated in front of the courts that the two defendants had held him up forcefully against his will and tied him up in the backseat of his own car, as reported by the Al Raya daily newspaper. The Asian man then added that one of the Arab men then approached their own car and brought out a shaver, by which he then proceeded to shave off half of the Asian man’s head, beard and mustache. After that, the two men untied the Asian man and sped off in their car, after which the Asian man alerted the police.[irp]

The two men are now caught and are facing trial; both the men have admitted to abusing the victim and said that they wanted to teach him a lesson for his reckless driving. The court then issued them their jail sentences.

Source: Al Arabiya

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