8 Pakistani Villages which set an example for the Whole Country

Village life is a luxury that many in Pakistan still enjoy. It is noted that a stunning 65 percent of the total population reside in Village or rural areas. Pakistan itself is basically an agriculture based economy which depends largely on their villages for the growth of the nation. Village life is usually very happy and contains clean fresh air, beautiful green views, pure milk and other dairy products and just the simplicity of the village life is what makes it beautiful. There are however some factors which are diminishing the traditional village life and the spirit of simple happy villagers. These factors include poverty, poor sanitation and lack of education. These things are commonly attributed to village life these days. Village life however, is not that bad, in fact, a lot of villages have a better lifestyle than many urban cities of Pakistan. The following villages have proved that Village Life does not have to be a negative thing.

Rasoolpur is a village in Pakistan which has a basic population of 2000 people. This village is truly one of the most exemplary villages in Pakistan, as it has a literacy rate of almost 100 percent. The village does not have any kids out of school, all the children go to the 2 high schools in the Village and there are no crimes committed in the Village.

Next up we have Mamu Kanjan, this village has a population of only 10000, and the unique part of this village is that not one person smokes in the entire village. The village has only 1 grand mosque from where the Azaan or call to prayer is delivered; many other smaller mosques have connected their own speakers with that of the Grand Mosque so that the Azaan is amplified to every possible corner of the village.[irp]

Thirdly we have Alam Pur Gondlan. The uniqueness of this village is that nearly everyone in the village is a dual nationality holder. The village has been named after Alam Pur in Gujrat who was one of the earliest residents of the village. It is reported that the man worked hard for his villagers and had them all sent abroad to European countries especially Norway in hopes of a better brighter future.

Basti Tabu is one of the most exemplary villages in Pakistan. The small village and its inhabitants have taken all responsibility of their village on to themselves. The villagers fix and mend everything themselves and do not ask for any assistance by the government. All villagers between the ages of 16 to 49 are given special training, which helps them improve their village environment.

Fatu Dedo is one of the cleanest villages in Pakistan. Located near Badin in Sindh, the village has been neglected by the local government and the villagers have hence taken it upon themselves to improve their village. All the streets in the village are paved, the village had underground sanitation. All families in the village pay a good amount of money to ensure the upkeep of their village.[irp]

Ehsanpur in Kot Addu is the only fully solar powered village in Pakistan.  The village consists of 166 houses which are completely relying on the solar power. A solar power plant has been set up over 20 acres of land. Another such village which relies heavily on solar power is the Dhoke Attu Wali village in Attock.[irp]

District or Tehsil Kharian is the richest district of Pakistan. All the villages from the Kharian District have people who are earning and living abroad. The district is often referred to as mini Norway as these villagers have mostly settled in Norway.[irp]

The Villages of AJK and KPK are the best holiday escapes in Pakistan. The way to these areas is equally beautiful to the place itself. Little to no littering is found in these villages and despite the popular belief, these villages are extremely safe, as any outsider visiting is considered a guest of the whole village.

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