How I collected overdue salaries from my employer with the help of Labor Office?

Mr. Mohammed has shared with us the procedure to collect pending salaries from the previous employer through labor office. I think everyone who is facing some problems with his employer should have a look at this experience. You will realize that the collection of pending salaries from the previous employer is not a big deal as far as you have evidence of working with him. Moreover, labor office also facilitates employees to get their rights. Mr. Mohammed is explaining his experience below.[irp]

Legal Notice from Labor Court: Mohammed: First, I went to the agency office which is near or opposite to any labor court. I told them that I have 2 months pending salary and final settlement with my previous company. They typed in a format in Arabic and asked me to sign. They asked my previous company's last iqama copy (if worked for 5 years then that 5th iqama). Along with my iqama copy and that letter of complaint typed in Arabic, I went to the labor court. Sometimes they say that manager is not available, so come tomorrow like that. Be patient and come next day. They will accept and give you a paper.

1St Hearing at Labor Court: You need to give this paper to your old company's personal debt or accounts debt and get a receiving stamp from them. The court will tell you to come may be after 1 month or 15 days for 1st hearing (your company representative also have to attend on the same day). Normally nobody will come from the company. If nobody comes, it means you are in advantage. The court will tell to come for 2nd hearing after 15 days or 20 days…

Settlement of Dispute: In this way, you need to go for hearing as many times as the labor court wants you to come. You will observe that your company representative will not arrive at the hearing. I was asked for about 9 hearings, about 02 months. Finally, I got a call from my company that they are giving the total amount on a day. I went there and collected my money.[irp]

There were at least 35 people who filed the case for pending salaries along with me that day. You would not believe it but all of them received their money from the employer with the help of labor court. It is a common perception that labor courts are not helpful for expatriates but this is not the case. They give equal opportunity to the company to represent themselves. Once it is established that company is at fault, the money is yours.

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