Check Status of Medical Test Report for Saudi Iqama Online

With the improved technology used by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, now it is very easy to check the status of the medical report for Saudi Iqama online. All of us know that we have to go through the medical test before applying for the first iqama. For few nationalities, they have to go through this medical test at the time of renewal of Iqama. It is important to mention here that this is different from the medical test performed in your home country for the visa processing. The test performed in your home country for the visa processing was the detailed test. The medical test for Saudi Iqama is not that detailed one.[irp]

The first step in this regard is to go to the approved medical center in the region from where your Kafeel belongs. We have provided a region-wise list of approved medical centers. You can only go to one of these medical centers for the examination test. You can pick the report from them as a documentary proof after two days of the test. However, it is directly sent to the Ministry of Interior Online Database. You can also check the status of the medical test report for Saudi Iqama online. We have explained the procedure below.

You will have to visit approved medical center along with your original passport. Fee for the medical test is SR 200/- Test for the first time for issuance of Iqama as well as the renewal of Iqama (for some nationalities) includes HIV/AIDS test, TB X-ray, eyesight, and hearing test, a test for cholera (a charming stool sample test). Since it is a stool test, so you need to be ready for this. I had to face the problem in passing the stool at examination center because I did not know about it. Lab Report will be sent to the MOI in this form. You can have a better idea about the medical test after reading this form. Regular visitor of our blog Mr. Misbah has added this information that Kids do not have to go through the medical test to apply for first Iqama. The doctor will just make a pediatric checkup and measure height and weight. There is no need of medical test or vaccination certificates.

To check the status of the medical test report for Saudi Iqama online, you will have to open any of these two websites.

Enter the Border Number in front of National ID and the phone number which you have given at the time of appearing at the medical center. Border number is written by the immigration officer on the passport when you enter to the Kingdom for the first time. Just check the entry stamp and you will find the border number written by hand on the same page. The system will present the report in the following format.