5 Best Websites for Online Jobs in Saudi Arabia

The freelancing industry has become one of the biggest industries in the world over the last few years. People all over the world are sitting at home and working and in return earning a lot of money. Home based freelance work can range from designing to writing to any other service that can be done for a set fee. Even I am one of those people who has benefited greatly from freelance work at home. This allowed me to earn a bit more on top of my regular day job and make use of the hours after work which was usually spent in front of the TV. If you plan on going freelance yourself, check out these amazing sites for trusted employers and great work.[irp]

ELANCE: Elance was also the first ever sites I went on to pursue my freelancing career, however, I moved on to other sites that offered more diversity and more employers than Elance. This site is, however, no doubt a good site to seek home-based freelance employment, as it also has a huge selection of job opportunities and listings that attract all types of freelancers.[irp]

FREELANCER: Freelancer.com could not have had a more direct name for their website. The website is claimed to be the largest crowdsourcing, outsourcing and freelancing marketplace in the world in accordance to the number of projects and the users. The site connects over 11 million employers and freelancers from over 247 countries from all around the world. through this marketplace, the employers can hire freelancers to write, to develop software or to design something.

UPWORK: Upwork will always be one of my favorite sites as this was the website from which I started my freelance career. This site has an extensive client base from all around the world, which is extremely reliable and work requirement ranges from novice to expert. You can find low budget jobs which do not require much detail and you can also find employers who are willing to pay good money but for more added attention.

CRAIGSLIST: Yes, you read it correct; Craigslist is not only for purchasing or selling off random personal stuff within your area. Craigslist offers some good employment opportunities for freelancers; however, you have to invest your time into finding out the best and most reliable employers on the site as fraud is a common occurrence on Craigslist. It is still a great site though and I have been employed by an employer on Craigslist once upon a time.

GURU: This website offers freelancers the opportunity to market their skills to an audience all over the world, which might be in demand. Online portfolios give the freelancers an edge to express their skill set and get adequate employment. The website aims to promote their registered freelancers to become the very best that they can become. The site also helps freelancers enhance their portfolios through tips and suggestions which help strengthen their online CV.


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