Top 5 Biggest Deserts in the World

Antarctic Desert (13,829,430 square kilometers): The Antarctic Desert is the biggest desert from around the world. The Antarctic desert is a polar type desert located in the southern hemisphere’s Antarctic region. 98 percent of the Antarctic continent is filled with snow, while 2 percent of the land on the continent is clear of any snow. The Antarctic region is considered as one of the coldest places on earth where temperatures have been recorded to fall below -89.2 degrees C. due to the harsh weather and terrain, there is no permanent population in Antarctica. The land is occupied by a few research camps by scientists who have been allowed to set up camps since the signing of the 1959 treaty. Only 12 countries signed that treaty and are thus the only ones allowed there.

Arctic Desert (13,700,000 square kilometers): The Arctic desert is the second largest desert on earth and is located directly opposite the Antarctic desert. The Arctic region consists of huge ice-covered bodies of water which are surrounded by soil, below or at the freezing point of water i.e. 0 degrees. The arctic desert has a recorded low temperature of -68 degrees C.[irp]

The Sahara Desert (9,100,000 square kilometers): the Sahara Desert is the third largest desert in the world, however, it is the largest hot desert in the world. The Sahara Desert covers most of North Africa while it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean from the western side, the Mediterranean Sea and Atlas Mountains to their north, Egypt and the Red Sea to the east and the Valley of the Niger River and Sudan from the South. The Sahara Desert is so huge that many countries share the desert. Included in the list of countries that share the Sahara Desert are Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Mali, Niger, Libya, Mauritania, and Sudan. The Sahara Desert is a subtropical desert.

The Arabian Desert (2,330,000 square kilometers): The Arabian desert is another Subtropical desert. The Arabian Desert is so vast and huge that it is shared by many countries like Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Yemen and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. in the summer months, the temperature in the desert rises to 40 – 50 degrees C. while in winter the temperature falls to 5 – 15 degrees C. other than the historical importance of the desert, it has gained immense popularity since oil and gas was discovered beneath it.

The Gobi Desert (1,300,000 square kilometers): The Gobi Desert is a cold winter desert located in the north and northwestern parts of China, and the southern part of Mongolia. The temperatures during the summer months reach up to 50 degrees C. and in the winter the temperature drops to about – 40 degrees C. the area for the Gobi Desert is calculated at 500,000 square miles.

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