Why do Saudi Women not let their Husbands Travel Alone?

Women overthink about everything: Women generally tend to greatly over think or over analyze a situation regardless of the actual gravity of the situation. However today we will discuss something which hits right at home.

Yes, today we will discuss how Saudi women have started to refuse to let their significant others or their spouses travel to foreign destinations alone, as they fear they might face distractions which might lure them off their paths. 

Why are they concerned? Khaled Dughaim, a tourism expert has stated that women are greatly knowledgeable, about the issues of foreign travel. Many of these women fear that a progressive and open environment such as those in foreign countries might attract their husbands.

Jamila Al Harbi, a certified family counselor stated that an increasing number of women have now simply and blatantly refused to let their spouses or husbands travel alone.

Weak faith or belief in Husbands: Despite being a woman herself, she criticized this weak belief and faith in their husbands by their wives and has stated that if in any case, the husband has to travel to a foreign destination for work, the wife should allow him to do so without a fuss.

Women must need to draw a line: If the wife is still adamant about accompanying her husband, then often the children are left alone, under the care of friends and family.

Wives must however also draw a line if their husbands are taking too many foreign trips solely for tourism or holidays.  In such cases, the wife has the right to join the trip or put a limit on them. 

Amira Abdel Ilah, a teacher in the Kingdom states that she has outright refused to allow her husband to travel anywhere alone. She states that this is something which should be refused by each woman.

She also states that sometimes women have their reasons. She adds that there are countries out there from where their husbands have to be absolutely kept away. She herself has once threatened to leave her own husband, just because he wanted to travel to a foreign destination alone.

If you go abroad,  I get a divorce: She says, she even started packing, threatening him that she would go stay at her parents’ home and would not talk to him.

Ultimately she told her husband that if he left, he would have to give her a divorce. Hence the husband never made the trip. She states that men who are married must stay with their families.

Husbands with Teenage Children, a social worker has stated that these husbands must devote all or most of their time to their own families, especially during the holiday times. She adds that those men who have teenage children are making a big mistake by traveling alone or with friends to a foreign destination.

These children will grow to be suspicious of their father, she says, and will also keep wondering if their father is leaving them. She simply states that men often want to take these trips alone or with friends to relive their bachelor days, or as they call them, glory days.

Source: Arab News

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