Top 5 Low Budget Airlines of Middle East

While some people see air travel as a time to enjoy the surreal experience of flying and choose the most comfortable airlines in their budget, some people view the air travel part of a Holiday or journey as a basic simple mode of transportation and prefer low budget airlines which may not be the most comfortable or lavish flight available, however it will transport you from point A to point B. For the latter type of people today we have compiled the top 5 low budget airlines which are both comfortable and affordable.

Air Arabia: The Air Arabia Airlines has always been marketed as the most prominent low-cost carrier in the Middle East and North African Region. Air Arabia has a total fleet consisting of 20 new Airbus A320 Aircraft and with these, they serve 59 destinations from hubs in Morocco and the UAE. The airline recently published its financial reports which demonstrated the appeal of the low-cost airlines and the long terms sustainability of the airline.

Fly Dubai: The Fly Dubai airline has recently celebrated their 10th route. The Fly Dubai model is very simple. Customers pay only for any services that they wish to receive. Passengers flying through Fly Dubai have the option to purchase luggage services which can weigh up to 32 Kg. These services are all subject to availability and passengers are advised to book early online to secure guaranteed luggage space.

Jazeera Airways: Jazeera Airways is third on this list of most affordable airlines. The Jazeera Airways are currently operating a fleet of 10 new Airbus A320s. Each of their aircraft has been customized and fitted with their signature leather seating. The Jazeera Airways Business Class cabin offers travelers special facilities such as special check-in counters, baggage allowance of 40 kgs, access to exclusive airport lounges and in-flight entertainment and service.

FlyNas was launched on 17th February 2007 and since its launch has developed their low-cost travel market greatly. Today the airline operates 350 flights a week while serving 13 destinations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and 11 destinations in the neighboring region which includes Beirut, Sharjah, Kuwait, Damascus, Alexandria, and Amman. The airline claims to possess one of the youngest fleets in the market, which comprises of 8 Airbus A320s and 6 Embraer’s 190/195 aircraft which can seat up to 180 and 110 passengers respectively.[irp]

Bahrain Air: Bahrain Air was incorporated on 2nd July 2007 and operates 91 flights a week to 21 destinations in the GCC, Levant, Africa, Iran and the Indian subcontinent, operating a modern fleet of eight Airbus A320 and A319 aircraft.

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